Nikolai Cliff Brooch in Court:

Nikolai Cliff Brooch in Court:
The allegation: Nikolai Cliff Brosch testified in Copenhagen on Thursday in connection with the lawsuit he – and fellow actors Agnes Kittelsen and John Oegarden – received from his former agent, Danish agency Panorama.

Defendant Nikolai Cliff Broch testified in Copenhagen on Thursday about his former agent, Panorama Agency.


Today, it is the turn of Cleve Broch and Agnes Kittelsen to explain themselves in the lawsuit brought by Danish agency Panorama (PA) against the two, as well as colleague Jon Øigarden who to explain Wednesday.

Here, Nicolai Cleve Broch explained that he quickly got on a good tone with PA President and Founder, Lene Seested.

“I wanted to change and expand my career outside of Norway as well, and you convinced me that the right thing to do was to go to PA,” Cliff Broch explained.

However, while job offers awaited him, he also received signals from his housemates in Norway, as well as from producers and directors, that the PA should not act according to the standards he set for himself.

“I’m beginning to understand that the PA has a bad reputation in the industry,” he said in court, referring in particular to an earlier episode of “Beforeigners,” in which the PA—according to Cliff Brosh—concluded the contract as an on-line party with him and producer Rubicon with the right to Negotiate if there is a season 2.

The PA was unsuccessful in this, but Nicolai Cleve Broch reacted to the action.

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PA attorney Bjarke Fajbi does not want to comment on the statements that have appeared in court, and points to the company’s policy not to pre-prosecute cases still pending in the court system.

– I figured all this out myself and wanted so hard. It felt very unreasonable and uncomfortable, Cliff Brosh said, adding that at that time the process of terminating the contract with the PA began.

In court, Cliff Brosh also said that shortly afterwards the producer called him up for a series he’s a part of. The producer is said to have expressed such despair at the PA’s demands for his role in the drama that he may have to consider it for a new representative of the character of Proxies.

The Cliff Brosh told the court it was a landing.

Originally, Lene Seested was self-explanatory today as well, but it was put off due to the delay. The arrestee will not enter the witness box until Friday.

Seested and PA attorney Bjarke Vejby had the opportunity to comment on the testimony of Nicolai Cleve Broch – and that of Agnes Kittelsen, but they indicated, as before, the company’s policy not to pre-prosecute cases still pending in the court system.

Good tune: Nicolai Cleve Broch and Agnes Kittelsen during one of Thursday’s breaks in the trial against them, along with Anders Bredmose at the Norwegian Actors Association (left) and association lawyer Sven Geert Hoggard.

Nikolai Cliff Brosh stated after explaining that he thought it went well, and that he thought he was able to shed light on the matter from the actors.

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– How much discomfort did this conflict cause you?

“No, I don’t want to go into that, but I think it’s an important issue that I was willing to take on—taking one for the team on behalf of several colleagues—and it was satisfying in itself,” Cliff Brosh said, explaining the importance of what that case might say to the younger representatives who They apply for the names of senior agents.

– I think that discussing these contracts at this level is smart for everyone.

Agnes Kittelsen’s explanation on Thursday consisted, among other things, of how since 2016 I found out that there was so much resentment among Norwegian representatives about the treatment they received from PA, and so they went to the Norwegian Actors Association for help.

The Norwegian Actors Association is managing the case for the personal files of the three co-defendants.

Like Cleve Broch earlier this morning, she admitted that she “may have been a little naive” about the contract process.

I may not have been as critical of the contract as I should have been, as I explained.

Agnes Kittelsen politely refused to testify, or was subsequently photographed.

VG’s question about portraying PA senior management, Lene Seested, Martin Jensen and attorney Bjarke Vejby, was denied.

The verdict in the case falls within four weeks.

TOP DUO: The Panorama Agency’s senior management consists of company founder Lene Seested and partner Martin Jensen.
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