Nikolai Ram: – A little bit of hell

Nikolai Ram: - A little bit of hell

A little over a year ago can Comedian and host Nikolai Ram (33) Reveals that he and his girlfriend Josephine Lynn Granley Becoming parents for the first time. The little boy was named Axel.

Now Ram has been a father for a while and has been able to get a taste of some of the life involved in fathering young children.

However, when the 33-year-old visited the “Saturday Council” a little over a month ago, he loosened his veil for the first time with a baby at home, and was also able to reveal some details about the upcoming wedding.

laugh laughter: Nikolai Ram and Marion Raven do not fully agree with fellow Jan Thomas that Peter Northough is hiding behind a mask. Video/News Reporter: Evan Larsson.
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– pretty damn

Regular listeners of the Saturday podcast are well-versed in the regular introductory round for each of the advisors, and this is where the host stepped into father’s life.

When asked by Live host Nelvik (39) what he thinks of being a father, Ram replied in a joking tone:

– I think it’s pretty good these days.

He explains that the first nine months were pretty awesome, but from nine months up until then it was pretty brutal.

– It’s been a little hell this winter, I have to be honest about that. But now we are in brighter times, so I guess now we’re done with the snoring and the cold, then come summer and the heat and we’re all healthy and happy.

injury: Harlem Alexander has to help his girlfriend Jan Thomas purge after he falls off stage. Video: Jean Thomas
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wedding in France

However, there are many things to look forward to for the host. In 2019, Ram revealed that he and Granley have engaged. During a vacation stay in Santa Barbara, California the big question was asked, but the TV profile made no secret that it was Lots of nerves associated with courtship:

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– I’m glad I did, said he, to see and hear at that time.

Like many other weddings, so were their weddings I was affected by the epidemic – But this summer it will finally happen.

– You will fall completely. We’re going to France with a few hundred guests, three days to finish. Fun stuff, flirting in podcasts.

Touch: In this episode of “Helt Harald” Jan Thomas is the guest. Here they return to Jean’s hometown. Video: TV 2
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He says the wedding will take place at the end of June and he is looking forward to celebrating love. He and Granley were one of them Couple since 2015.

See and Hear has been in contact with Nikolai Ram, who has no comment on the case.

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