Nintendo has sent lawyers to Valve to stop the emulator from being released

Nintendo has sent lawyers to Valve to stop the emulator from being released

( A few months ago it became clear that the developers of the GameCube and Wii Dolphin emulator would be releasing this on the Steam game store within the year.

The plan was to take advantage of Steam’s built-in features such as cloud storage and achievements, and to more easily distribute the emulator.

but Now Nintendo has stepped in to prevent its release. The company has sent its lawyer to Steam owner Valve, which has deleted the emulator’s Steam pages.

This is also confirmed by the Dolphin developers themselves, which says the release has been indefinitely delayed.

In their claim, Nintendo wrote that the emulator infringed their copyrights by including code that bypasses the game’s copy protection.

It turns out that the Dolphin emulator itself contains the keys needed to play Wii games.

These are the keys that a number of other emulators require you to extract from your console and insert into the emulator, but Dolphin had already inserted these keys into the source code for a number of years. This source code is open to all on github.

These keys are used to read encrypted Wii games when they are played.

Thus, it seems unlikely that Dolphin will ever be released on Steam, most likely Nintendo now realizing that the software is illegal in itself.

This article was written by our satirical consultant Segata Sateru, and therefore only bamboo.

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