No celebration

No celebration

It was a remarkable and very serious new Prime Minister who met with reporters again for the final press conference on Thursday night.

In the afternoon, police arrived with new details from the massacre in Kansberg. To be guilty Taken in random residential buildings, And many of those killed died there.

Terror: Espen Anderson Breten, 37, was arrested Wednesday night in Kansberg for five counts of murder. He pleaded guilty to murder, but did not plead guilty. We know this about man. Video: Dagbladet TV. Reporter: Anton Lear / Doc Blooded TV.
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Jonas reacts strongly when asked about Care Store details, at least how random the attack struck.

– These are horrible details. Which houses he went into was a terrible spontaneity. Who was at home there?

– I can only express my deepest sympathies to the victims there. Those who have to deal with such huge and meaningless losses, the new Prime Minister continues.

Do not celebrate

Store served as Labor leader and Prime Minister of Norway for nearly eight years. Today when it finally turned out to be true, there was still no time for champagne to jump. The brutal attacks in Kansberg have come very close to many in the Labor Party because of their own dark history of assassinations on Udaya, and they are abandoning all celebrations.

– We are not celebrating today. This is not a night of celebration. We have decided this because it is a reminder that government responsibility is serious.

– When something like that happens, we are ready from the first hour and take it seriously. We did it today.

Although a major, joint event was planned for both the Labor and Central Government parties, Dockbladet is aware that it was canceled after the massacre in Kansberg.

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Travel to Kansberg

The police investigation is still ongoing, so the store insists on being careful to make decisions. He says he is now concerned about getting the resources needed for the Kansberg community and that victims are getting follow-up.

On Friday, he travels to Kansberg to meet with police and support staff.

The Minister of Justice and I would like to travel to Kansberg tomorrow to meet with those who have handled this situation.

New Time Minister: Erna Solberg hands over the keys to the Prime Minister’s Office to Jonas Kahar Store.
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– What are you going to do in Kansberg?

– I spoke to the mayor and asked if it would be desirable, and she agreed. This is to show the attention of the Norwegian community.

– Whether you live in the North or the South, I think everyone is very affected by this. It was a horrible act and it was almost hard to take.

– Are you going to meet relatives?

– We will not do anything that is stressful for those who are in great distress right now. We are in touch with the municipality and will find a good way to get to the city.

Police work will continue

The police security service (BST) today confirmed the killings in Kansberg Seems like an act of terrorism. The culprit is known to have converted to Islam and sounded a warning to the police if he was to be radicalized.

At today’s press conference, the BST highlighted other separate attacks in Norway, such as the attack on the Perum al-Nur Mosque by Philip Manshas.

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Prime Minister Jonas Car Store now wants to do more to prevent such attacks from happening again.

– We must continue to work to strengthen readiness. Protecting ourselves in our time against such attacks is a highly requested task, but we must continue to work to learn what happened in Norway, but also in other countries.

– We need to strengthen the knowledge and then we should now follow how the police acted in this case. It ends very quickly with that, but the police have to summarize something very serious to see if there are lessons, the store concludes.

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