No money received from the state – the road may be closed permanently

No money received from the state – the road may be closed permanently

Hans Olav Michaelbust (Frp), head of the state transport committee, says the road could be closed permanently if the government doesn't pay.

– Let's prioritize anti-slip agents for people's everyday roads instead of using them on tourist trails that are closed in winter, says Myklebust.

On Wednesday next week, Transport Minister Jan-Iver Nygaard (AP) will visit the district. He will visit Kristiansund and then meet representatives of the district council to discuss racial issues in Trollstigen.

He closed the road

Earlier this week, Weideke's car hit a rock in Trollstigen. Fortunately, there were no injuries, but the road was closed to all traffic.

But county politicians shouldn't expect additional government funding to make road racing safer.

– Møre and Romsdal will receive NOK 127 million for race insurance this year. The operation and maintenance of district roads are funded through infrastructure grants from the state to the district. Over the next six years, transfers for the maintenance of county roads in Møre and Romsdal will increase to a total of NOK 600 million, Kalsas points out.

Car hit by falling rocks – road closed

– So don't we need additional funding from the state for Trollstigen's defense?

– We don't want to check how the district politicians use the money they get for framework grant and ethnic protection, he points out.

– but Trollstigen is purely a tourist route. It is not a road for people to travel between the fjord and Rauma. If so, isn't it fair for the state to pick up part of the bill?

– As I said, Trollstigen is a county road. The county council owns the road, and operation and maintenance are funded by grants from the state, again Calzas.

FRP Promise

FRP tops. Hans Olav Michaelbust (TV) with Geir Stenseth and Frank Sway.
Photo: archives

Trollstigen's ethnic security was one of the FRP's promises before the election. Frank Sway went out and almost guaranteed that the road would be sealed again if the FRP took power locally.

The cooperation agreement between the Right, the Frp, the Liberals and the KrF also stated that Trollstigen should be ethnically protected.

Fight to see who is the best at building roads

Quite simply the FRP clause no longer applies.

Now the head of the transport committee, Hans Olav Myklebust (Frp), says that Trollstigen could be closed if the state does not pay for race protection.

– We have also requested to meet both the Prime Minister and the Commerce Minister. Trollstigen is a national symbol that is very important to the entire tourism industry. The answer we get now is that the government will not take responsibility for this important tourist destination. This may cause the road to be closed permanently.

— but it is undoubtedly a county road. Among other things, you chose to spend an additional 50 million on asphalt. Money you can use to protect Trollstigen?

– As I said, we will prioritize people's everyday roads before the tourist route, says Myklebust.

– Asks Storr for money to protect Trollstigen

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