May 29, 2023


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No time to waste - VG

No time to waste – VG

Hello and thanks for waiting: Olaf Haraldsson (Tobias Santelmann) is frustrated with the accuracy of the public sector transmission.

darker. less fun. But also bigger and deeper.


VG dice show 4 points

“Beforeigners Season 2”
Norwegian comedy drama in six parts
With: Krista Kosonen, Nicolai Cleve Broch, Tobias Santelmann, Hedda Stjernstedt, Ragnhild Gudbrandsen and others.
Scenario and concept: Eiliif Skodvin and Anne Bjørnstad
Director: Jens Lin
HBOMax Premieres Sunday 5th December

“Beforeigners” is among the most recognizable satirical universes in Norwegian comics. Björnstad and Skodvin’s immigrant concept tackles so many elements of integration and cultural challenges along with the public sector reputation dance that it’s hard to come up with something smarter.

On the other hand, with Season 2, it’s easy to invent a lot more fun.

We’re back in Oslo, shortly after last season. Lars Haaland (Nicolai Cleve Broch) appointed as a special counsel by the police, Alfhildr Enginnsdóttir (Krista Kosonen) suffers from sleepwalking and blurred memories. Olav Haraldsson (Tobias Santelmann) is looking for certified documents that he is Holy Olaf. Unlike Tore Hund (Stig Henrik Hoff), who lived most of season one as Tommy Henriksen.

Then you find another woman murdered. This time with evidence pointing to a killer from Victorian London.

At the moment, there are many who would like to talk to us: Alfelder Engensdottir (Krista Kosonen) is not getting the answers you need.

Season two narrows down and cuts more narrative threads than season one.

For example, the Stone Age people among the migrants were completely cut off, and the focus was on those who migrated from 100 and 1000 years ago. The theory proposed at the end of last season is reinforced: one can also travel in several directions in time.

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It seems that Tobias Santelmann has already been cast as Olav the Holy so that you can play other serial roles that Santelmann is also famous for. Then not necessarily the role of Olaf the other. Strong, satisfied and erratic, attacking missionary associations And bureaucracy in a sort of Scandinavian version of Exodus.. Of course on YouTube (apparently no immigrant has spotted Tik Tok and Twitch)

He’s got the best lines in the series, for example when he has to practice driving and gets close to giving priority with “Olav Haraldsen doesn’t give way to anyone”.

In sounding gull.

Now you’re number… nine… on the waiting list: Appointed counselor Lars Haaland (Nikolai Cliff Broch) doesn’t think life counseling is anything special.

Greggs (Kyrre Haugen Sydness) in a perfect eighteenth century language with scratches And Cuteness And Baby With the b expression is also good language skills. There is a lot of talk about the role played by Hermann Fleswig and he is a surprisingly poor performer. Although the character’s function provokes another cultural conflict.

The Skudvin and Björnstadt linguistic dance is a continuous linguistic trance, but it is not necessarily profound. Some of the recurring jokes from season one feel straightforward. The attraction that the text takes toward more crime based on science fiction means that it all becomes neither good science fiction nor good crime.

It still seems like no one in the Universe series has any further interest in exploring why the time jump occurs. With one major exception, which will hopefully be more than pissed off if you get a potential third season.

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the same way like For example, the inspiration for “The Leftovers”, “Beforeigners” is a longer story that you often watch hopeless episodes on the way to a bigger score.

The reviewer watched five episodes out of six.