“No to Nuclear Weapons” is no longer against nuclear energy – E24

“No to Nuclear Weapons” is no longer against nuclear energy – E24

The organization changed its statute at the end of the week. “It's very stupid to be seen only as negative,” says the president.


During this weekend's national meeting, No to Nuclear Weapons made changes to its statute.

Now they will no longer work to “dismantle nuclear power” and “prevent the construction of new nuclear power plants,” but rather to “shed light on the links between nuclear weapons and nuclear power.”

-It is very stupid to be viewed only as negative. It's best to have the opportunity to participate in the discussion, No to Nuclear head Lars Egeland tells E24.

That's why we focus instead on nuclear safety requirements, says Egeland.

Although the organization is making this change, its main goal remains avoiding nuclear war through disarmament and abolition of nuclear weapons.

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Nuclear energy, Glory be to God!

Head of movement

We must not change our security requirements

The debate on nuclear energy has intensified, and there are currently several proposals being considered in Parliament's Energy and Environment Committee.

  • Recently, the head of the committee, Marianne Sivertsen Nys, called for an investigation into nuclear energy. Meanwhile, she managed to become Minister of Fisheries.
  • After NICE opened an investigation, the Conservative Party proposed looking into their own investigation Old proposals Whatever it is downcast last year.
  • KrF has proposed a committee to facilitate nuclear energy.
  • Nine Norwegian municipalities have organized and welcomed nuclear power.
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– We see that there is a debate going on where some people believe that nuclear energy will come to Norway, says Egeland.

Our point of view is that we are against nuclear weapons and for security.

He says he cannot imagine that nuclear power will be installed in Norway before 2050 anyway, but their position in the discussion will be to promote nuclear safety rather than categorically against it.

– Of course, we want people who support nuclear energy to also be part of the organization, but this should not change our safety requirements.

The beginning of the discussion about Iran

According to Egeland, the “No to Nuclear” slogan since the early 2000s has actively worked against nuclear power.

Although the organization is now changing course, Egeland notes that there is a connection between nuclear energy and nuclear weapons. He also says the environmental aspect of nuclear power is “none of their business.”

Nuclear safety is our point of view.

He says that the discussion regarding amending the statute began with a discussion related to Iran.

– The important thing is not that we are against power plants in Iran, but rather that we prevent it from possessing weapons.

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