No to wind turbines in Silcan and neighboring municipalities

No to wind turbines in Silcan and neighboring municipalities

On Tuesday, May 14, the Siljan Business Association, with the help of the law firm Selmer, is organizing the so-called open meeting on wind, solar and hydropower. It is called open because if you are from a municipality other than Silcan or Motvind Telemark then you are not welcome.

I don't know specifically what areas Fritzoe Energy and Hydro Rain would like to develop, but of course it is still the tops that blow the most. This means that the great hiking areas of Grorud, Viddasetter, Skrim and others are at risk. If the above companies are successful, it will be a short way for Løvenskiold to try his hand in the neighboring marshes of Skien within a few years.

Fritzøe Energi and Hydro Rein also broadcast development plans in Varden on 14.3. 2024, as it was noted that the projects are at an early stage. The fact that a public meeting will actually be organized with the help of lawyers suggests the opposite. A wave of wind energy is sweeping over large parts of the country right now. According to Europower, a three-figure number of projects are now on the table. And first to the (wind) mill, it can still be painted first.

The NVE concessionaire is supposed to prioritize the largest and most risky projects first. Perhaps the central authorities feel the breath of the power-hungry European Union pressing down on their necks. The consultation on the Renewable Energy Directive, which attempted to go ahead in record time this winter, is a good example of this. If this is done, the way will be practically open to the destruction of Norwegian nature the likes of which we have perhaps never seen before.

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Of course, commercial interests in both Siljan and Greenland needed strength, but it was hoped that gullibility about who would enjoy this development would soon subside. It's no longer like the old days when municipalities could allocate energy production and conclude favorable long-term pricing agreements. Research suggests that, conversely, we could risk higher average and more volatile prices if more unstable wind energy is brought online.

NVE and Statskraft reported in Nettavisen on May 9, 2023 that Norway already has plenty of wind energy. The entire energy grid and the stability of supply are at risk if approximately the same amount of energy in the form of known stable energy forms is not in immediate reserve. Open question for Fritzo Energy and Hydro Rain; Where do you get stable balance strength?

Until then, municipalities in the country have a kind of veto power to stop projects in the licensing process. By saying no to development when processing zoning plans, applications should usually be stopped. But this can be a very difficult exercise. It is not easy to resist when large landowners and developers make arguments for the green transition. And doomsday prophecies if wind energy is not developed quickly.

The allegedly huge tax revenues should mollify the few objections that may exist. It is therefore very important that all residents and shack owners in Siljan, as well as neighboring municipalities, give a clear message to local politicians that we do not want this. Not now, not forever. It is also very important to support organizations like Motvind Norge and parties that declare their opposition to wind energy!

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