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Vakker dag i Bodøsjøen

It doesn’t look like that now – it was minus degrees in most parts of the country for several days – but March was very hot.

It will appear in the monthly overview Meteorological Institute.

The report says:

The region of Møre o Romsdal, Trøndelag and the Nordland can be classified as “very hot” and “very hot”, and “very hot” otherwise large parts of northern Norway.

For eastern Norway and Akhtar, it is classified as “normal”.

Monthly temperatures across the country were 2.1 degrees higher than normal. Many weather stations in northern Norway had deviations of 4-5 degrees above normal.

Photo: Meteorological Institute

75 heat logs

Overall it was set up 75 heat logs.

37 station records were set for the hottest average temperature in March. This was particularly mild in Westland (7), More Oak Romstel (8), Trondelock (9) and Nortland (11).

The average temperature in Bergen was 6.3 degrees in March, the highest in a series prior to 1957. Also in Tfjord, Tfjord, a new record was set with an average temperature of 6.2 degrees Celsius, the hottest since measurements began in 1931.

38 stations set a record high temperature for the month of March. Most of these were Trondhelac (5), More Oak Romstel (5), Nortland (11), Troms and Finmark (12) and Svalbard (3).

Helka Therese did not think it would rain enough to fill the Delhi budget magazine.

Helka Therese Delhi Budget

Photo: Department of Meteorology

March is becoming a temperate month in line with global warming. Our measurements go back 120 years, and four warmest months since 1900 have occurred in the last 15 years, says Helka Therese Delhi Dajet, a meteorologist at the Meteorological Institute.

He says the records are not so surprising from a climate perspective.

We know that warming will be faster as we head north. By 2050, global temperatures are expected to rise by 1.5 degrees, Norway by 1.8 degrees and Finmark by 2.3 degrees, according to the budget.

On March 4, at the Hoppan Measurement Station in Svalbard, a full 3.9 degree was recorded, the hottest since measurements began in 1949.

Crushing dry in southern Norway

In southern Norway it was not unusually hot, but instead it was very dry.

It rained 50 to 95 percent less than normal here. In eastern Norway, March 2022 was the fourth driest, while the seventh was the driest in Acts.

Spring is still early, especially in the south of the country. This is reflected in this record month as well. Spring is acknowledged to be the driest season, but it is shocking how little rainfall there has been in southern Norway. In many places, there was talk of 90 percent less rain than normal in March, the budget says.

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