Noah leader Listak goes after the zoo Dairybargan support in Christianand: – This is a very sad thing

Noah leader Listak goes after the zoo Dairybargan support in Christianand: - This is a very sad thing

– It is very clear that Sylvie Listak or other politicians do not know what they are talking about, says Nova leader Shri Martinson.

– Mr Martinson, head of Noah’s zoological organization, tells Netizen that there is every reason to expel zoos, such as amusement parks and breeding grounds.

Martinson read Netvision’s article last week KrF politician Jorunn Lossius and FRP leader Sylvi Listhaug both expressed their support for the zoo in Christianon.

Politicians thought that zoos would create good holiday memories for children and young people. In addition, they claim that the zoo in Christianon took care of the dangerous creatures and took them out of their natural habitat.

Their arguments were not well received by Noah’s leader. Just as KrF’s Locius MDG asked politician Sirin Stowe to go to the zoo to learn about the conditions before criticizing him, Martinson told Listak and Locius to dig deeper and study the research.

– There is some research on how captivity in zoos affects animals. The animals at the zoo have many problems. For example, they are very aggressive. Julius in Dirban, Christianon, was imprisoned for many years because of social problems with other animals. Martinson says the chimpanzee is one of the creatures that gets major mental health problems at the zoo.

– There is no need to make that clear either. It can be depressing. Often, the animals at the zoo are reasonably inactive and have no behavior in the wild. This is an important sign that they are not feeling well. They have problems with the natural environment, natural social relationships and lack of adequate accommodation. We humans are accustomed to animals being inactive because they are when they are forced to live in a bad environment, so we believe this is natural behavior, Martinson adds.

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Read Sylvie Listack’s response to the case further below.

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Arguments for zoos have also been used by politicians to show that zoos protect animal species and maintain endangered species.

– This is a very sad thing. Zoos are believed to help protect animals. The reality is that huge sums are being spent to limit animals. That money may have been used for real protection in nature.

On Noah’s website, they call zoos the rotten ark. A total of 800,000 animals in the world’s recognized zoos are divided into 6,000 species. Of the 6,000 species, only 0.6 percent contribute to habitat conservation.

– There are very few dangerous animals in the zoo. Most are for entertainment. But endangered species are primarily for entertainment and exhibition. This is captive security.

Martinson points out that there are many failed relaunch projects from zoos.

– There is a risk of altering the genetic characteristics of animals in a very short period of time through captive breeding. Animals will become less suitable for living in the wild and taking care of themselves. Captive parents do not know how to teach their children to find food, to protect themselves, and to know their habitats. In many cases, this causes the animals to die.

– If one has plans to reintroduce, it should not be from zoos. It should be protected from human disturbances in natural areas as much as possible.

– Business product for children

The Noah leader enjoys politicians speaking without enough knowledge in that area.

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– Sylvie Listack or other politicians do not know what they are talking about. They say very strongly that it is okay to exploit animals in this way because they want to continue the business. Here one has to dig deep and study the research.

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Martinson also said that children should be allowed to keep their holiday memories and not buy into the fact that zoos teach children about animals.

– Children should not be held responsible for this. Children do not know that animals get frustrated without the opportunity to run, explore and expand freely. Children are not allowed to know that young animals they see one year will be killed as “surplus animals” the next year. Issued is a commercial item for children.

He points out that there are better alternatives if you want to teach children about animals.

– Many zoos have now turned into exciting digital experiences, and the best thing is to take children to nature and teach them to appreciate the animals that live in their natural habitats – whether it’s watching birds, following wolf tracks or spotting badgers in the garden. There are better options than animals trapped in tight spaces. Research also shows that visits to zoos do not increase children’s environmental commitment.

Is there any truth in what politicians say about zoos helping save animals?

– No, animals kept in zoos cannot be left in the wild as a general rule – they do not survive. Animals born in zoos are held captive for recreation for a lifetime. Animal species are protected by protecting their habitats and protecting them from predation.

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Sylvie Listack dismisses the criticism in an email to Netvision.

To me it seems like a bunch of unrealistic socialists, they all have to have a certain worldview. We must not drive, fly, or eat meat. It should be up to the people – not activists in the name of animal welfare or climate, says the FRP leader.

She believes all animals should be well, and expects the zoo in Christianand to take good care of the animals there.

– But this is an ideological war from extremist activists, they should stop eating meat and be with animals. In practice, they will close down today’s agriculture.

He added that we do not need MTGs or serious animal rights activists that it be closed. Listak grew up on a farm with all kinds of animals.

– Unfortunately less and less a privilege. It is very important that we have direct contact with animals.

– Does this mean that you do not take a stand on any of the issues that NOAH refers to with zoos? For example, do animals face mental challenges and are less likely to live in nature and take care of themselves?

– Yes, we think the zoo in Christianand takes good care of the animals. But this is a mob that believes that Norwegian agriculture is cruel in its current form. These are strange complexes.

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