Nordland, National Road Administration | Half of them failed the important test

Nordland, National Road Administration |  Half of them failed the important test

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration conducts driving and theory tests. They do this to ensure that everyone who goes out and drives on the roads has the necessary skills.

– This is an important part of our ongoing work to prevent fatalities and serious injuries on Norwegian roads, communications consultant Bjorn Lillevolden said in a press release.

He can submit statistics for driving tests in Nordland in March 2023.

– Inspectors from the Norwegian Road Administration carried out 503 drives in Nordland in March 2023.

80 percent passed the driving test. 20 percent code. This means around 101 people crossed the road in Nordland in March.

In the same period, 1,066 people took the theory test in Nordland – only 60 percent of them passed.

So only 640 of them cleared the theory test.

This is how driving tests and theory tests are distributed in the various municipalities in Nordland:

Transport station Run-ups Class B Theory tests
Take a picture 154 123 245
Bronnoisund 20 19 41
Fake 31 26 116
Playfully 28 27 51
Mo I Rana 58 41 131
Mosjøen 52 34 117
Norwich 48 30 109
Sandnesjon 22 18 67
black land 77 44 137
Svolvær 13 12 52
Nordland 503 374 1066
The whole country 13475 9832 20503
  • 77 percent passed the practical driving test in Norway in March.
  • In Nordland, 80 percent passed the same test. So slightly better than the national average.
  • 60 percent passed the theory test across the country. Candidates from Nordland have the same percentage.
  • In March 2023, the share of driving with automatic transmission in Nordland is 47 percent.
  • Norway’s average is 61 percent.
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