Nordura will cut 126.5 million on pork chopping – E24

Nordura will cut 126.5 million on pork chopping - E24

Nordura management will move the cutting pigs to eastern Norway to save NOK 126.5 million. 147 human years have been affected in Stavanger and Stinker.

Ken Ow Slatok represents the staff on Nordura’s team. He will continue to fight to retain jobs in the Forces.


Early Wednesday morning, executive vice president Lisbeth Schwentzen and factory manager Olav Dandberg were already in Nordura in Forces. Many employees are quietly protesting against the committee management’s proposal to shift jobs to a new facility in Dansberg.

If Nordura supports the board’s proposal – he will soon tell victims in the cutting industry that their work will be moved east.

On the way, two Northura peaks stand and talk to visitors. Many of them have posters urging them to return to the food company. Then begins the general meeting of the cutting department.

There, it is said that Nordura will increase profits by 126.5 million kroner a year by building a new and automated factory for slaughtering pigs in Dansberg for half a billion kroner. Then the cutting field at Stinker is also in the forecast.

A total of 147 man-years will be affected after the summer of 2023 when the cutting activity at both plants will be reduced. 68 human years are associated with Phores. Nordura assures everyone affected by the cuts inside or outside the team that they will work to find new work.

If anyone wants to move to Dansberg, they will be given priority for the 70 new positions there – and will be assisted in finding a place to live, Nordura said.

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The butcher said sadly about the work cut

Soon it will be 7 p.m., and the general meeting of the cutting department will begin. Trade union leaders on the left did not like the news being brought to them by executive vice-president Lisbeth Schwendsen and factory manager Olav Dandberg, who left the Rohr Weigen (FLT) and Ken Ow Slettak (NNN).

Argument: 126.5 million

After the public meeting, factory manager Olav Dandberg is pleased that the staff asked good questions.

– Such an encounter is certainly characterized by seriousness. For many of them, this will lead to big changes. We need to take the time to answer the questions they ask, he says.

The factory manager points out that the plan, which the board will consider at its meeting on October 18 and 19, follows Nordura’s plan for the development of the food industry board last summer. He himself is engaged in the work.

– The report is clear on the benefits of doing this. The move alone gives NOK a whopping $ 126.5 million a year in profits, Danderburg says.

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Stavanger Mayor Nordura warns against moving jobs eastward

For Kjetil Bøe, it was a sad day. He worked as a carver for 22 years. Now Nordura wants to move his workplace to the east. Sven Åge Johnson of Rohland Electromontorboring and LO Stavanger and Joe Jenseng of the surrounding area have also come to show their support.

– Something we need to do

Lisbeth Sventson is Vice President of Production at Nordura. She did not hide the fact that she was demanding to meet the staff at Forres with such news.

– A strong experience. These are talented and loyal employees we want to meet with respect. They need to get good answers to their questions. I wish we couldn’t do this, but we should.

– The staff point out that the Forus plant provides the best, and that it is no longer true that Nordura should get out of here?

– Today I have confirmed that the functionality here is stable. The reason we do this is not bad performance, but fierce competition in the Norwegian grocery industry. If we are to be a company that pays good wages to a Norwegian farmer and protects agriculture across the country, we must do this, says Sventson.

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Great meat craving

Lots of traffic?

One question she and the factory manager received from employees at the public meeting was whether the massacre could be carried out first in eastern Norway and then diverted for further processing would not provide increased traffic.

Our calculations show that total transport emissions of CO₂ decrease. There is already a lot of traffic between our facilities. Now we can make this more efficient, says Sventson.

Although parts of the business in Foros are moving east, Nordura insisted he would invest more in Rocaland, building a new slaughterhouse for pigs and sheep in Guimarca in Hå. Up to NOK 600 million can be invested here. But first, the board should review and consider this part of the industrial plan as well. Construction will begin in 2024, if approved by the butchery.

When the plant in Guiamarca is ready, production on the forage will be transferred to Hå.

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