Norse Atlantic Airways, airline | Nawras promises low prices for a number of US flights: – They will be competitive

Norse Atlantic Airways, airline |  Nawras promises low prices for a number of US flights: – They will be competitive

In the video above, you can see what the Scandinavian president has to say about how prices will be in the future.

GARDERMOEN (Nettavisen Økonomi): Newcomer Norse Atlantic Airways launched its transatlantic flight offering on Friday, Where, among other things, you can fly from Oslo to New York for 993 kroner in economy class. A return trip from a cosmopolitan city costs just over 1,100 kroner. The first flight opportunity will be on June 14.

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Bjørn Tore Larsen, CEO of Norse, promises that fares will be lower on a number of flights for some time to come. Larsen won’t be exact about how many low-cost tickets are on sale, another “good deal.”


Although the prices for flights to New York are very reasonable, only the flight ticket is included. Baggage is not included.

Norse has also launched a premium concept, with the price to New York set at less than 3,000 kroner.

These customers get a better experience in seats with more legroom and better legs. So it is a very good contender for many business travelers and others who want to have a little more fun.

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Aviation analyst Hans Jørgen told Elnæs Nettavisen that it costs approx. 100,000 NOK per hour to operate the two Dreamliner brands in which Norse invests. It’s just costs dependent on the flight. Thus a trip to New York will cost 700,000-800,000 kroner, before other administrative costs.

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You can see Elnæs’ reactions to the new flight show in the video below:

The largest plane to Scandinavia carries just over 340 passengers. If Norse fills a plane with 300 passengers, the average income per passenger should be around 2500 NOK just to cover operating expenses.

Norse is also investing in moving goods – cargo – which Larsen believes will make good money.

earn money

– With the rates you are working at now, can you make money?

– Yes, if it weren’t for that, we wouldn’t have done it. We are very concerned that we do not have rates that we are not making money on. These are the prices we’re selling now, making money off of, we’re Scandinavian prime.

Lassen says they couldn’t fill the planes one hundred percent. He says they handle the cabin factor – the level of passenger fill – below 80-85 percent.

– But we are happy when we see that this factor approaches 90 percent.

First of all, Norse focuses on four US destinations, New York, Los Angeles, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale in Florida. The road width will eventually be expanded to Europe.

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London and Paris

– The next roads that will come will be between American cities and other cities in Europe. London and Paris are the next two cities. When we come to announce these tracks, Larsen says, it will happen in a few weeks.

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The newcomer eventually envisions having around 1,700 employees. Larsen says the employees come from different countries, and a lot of them come from America. Norse wants rules with crews in the countries they travel to.

– The largest market is America, so we will have many American jobs, but the head office is in Norway. Larsen promises that many of the airline’s operating jobs will be located in Norway.

from the top shelf

– Have you brought in pilots who have previously worked in SAS and Norwegian?

– We have a lot of good pilots. Some were in Norwegian, some at SAS, and many at other companies. We’ve selected from the top shelf those we think are the best to fly our planes, the Scandinavian President prides himself on.

The Scandinavians outsource ground services to Widerøe, and Larsen also promises that working with unions is one of the keys to their success.

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