NorSIS, Gjøvik | NorSIS is back in business as of Wednesday

NorSIS, Gjøvik |  NorSIS is back in business as of Wednesday

Staff at NorSIS (Norwegian Center for Information Security) can return to work on Wednesday 18 January. In response to questions from the OA, the Department of Justice and Emergency Preparedness reported that on January 16 the Department of Justice and Emergency Preparedness informed the head of NorSIS that the department had decided to pay the first part of the support for 2023.

– Through dialogue between the Ministry of Justice and Emergency Preparedness and the National System for Strategic Studies and Research, the Ministry obtained the status of the financial situation for the year 2022, what measures have been implemented, and what is the plan for 2023. The Ministry of Justice is satisfied with the clarifications from NorSIS, and he is convinced that the association has strengthened financial management and oversight The interior, wrote Merete Romestrand, senior communications consultant, in an email to the OA.

No going back

2022 has been a tough year for NorSIS, financially as well. This unfortunately resulted in the company having to lay off all staff for two weeks, pending clarification from the Department of Justice and Emergency Management on subsidies for 2023.

NorSIS has now received the clarification we need to resume operations and return all employees to work.’s first line is also open again and fully operational from Wednesday, and all inquiries will be answered as normal, NorSIS writes in a press release posted on its website on Tuesday evening. closed in December.

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huge investments

NorSIS made some large financial investments in 2022, which were necessary for operational stability, as well as to better position the company to fulfill its mission of providing sound advice and guidance to residents and businesses, the press release reads.

NorSIS needs a predictable and sustainable operating model going forward, with strong partners contributing to safe operation, says Chairman Hans-Henrik Merckoll. It will be an important task moving forward to find good partners who will bear their share of social responsibility with joint efforts for the sake of national security.

Look for good synergies

Acting Managing Director Caroline Holtmann Tomete hopes more companies will feel called to contribute to common goals.

I encourage all companies that see the importance of the work NorSIS does to contact us to consider possible collaboration. We must find good synergies, and look at how we can jointly solve this important societal task, she says.

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