Norsk Rextoto: – – We are being abused

Norsk Rextoto: - - We are being abused

– We found out about this Friday morning. It was discovered internally.

Len Sakaryasen, Norsk Rikstoto’s legal director, told Borsen after Dagbladet called her on Saturday.

The reason is the application «Rikstoto», which uses the name and logo of the gaming company in its visual profile.

However, when you open the app, it’s a completely different place you end up. Users are redirected to the website of global gaming giant Betsson.

Here it ends: if you open the app, you will end up at this location. Photo: screenshot
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– so sad

Norwegian Rikstoto currently has the exclusive right to offer horse gambling in Norway. So Zakariasen thinks that it is very unfortunate that someone is now creating this app.

– As a responsible gambling supplier in Norway, it is very unfortunate that we are misused in this way, says the manager.

It also says that they have now written an inquiry to both the app’s developer and Betsson, requesting that the app be removed. This will be sent during the day.

– We reported the Appstore as well, says Sakariassen.

Responses: Norsk Rikstoto's legal director, Lene Sakariassen.  Photo: private

Responses: Norsk Rikstoto’s legal director, Lene Sakariassen. Photo: private
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– I felt the same

Betsson’s spokesperson in Norway, Kim Rud Petersen, wrote in an email to Børsen that they were notified of the app on Friday night.

– This app is definitely not something behind us, but it may appear that it belongs to a recruitment company, without me being able to confirm it. When we became aware of this late last night, we immediately began an internal process to terminate all possible agreements with the company behind it because this is a clear violation of our client recruitment guidelines, Petersen wrote.

He fully understands that Norsk Rixtoto feels offended.

– If it had been the other way around, we might have felt exactly the same.

He then said that Betsson is now working to find out who is behind the app, and that they want to remove it as soon as possible – similar to Norsk Riktoto.

Another question is how a large company like Apple could allow such an app to enter its App Store without further investigation, Petersen says.

He also says that they reported the app to Apple to close it. It claims that if you access the app from countries other than Norway, you will be redirected to other websites.

Dagbladet has been in contact with the Norwegian press contact for Apple, which refers to the Department of International Communications. Dagbladet has not yet received a response to her investigation.

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You don’t have an app

If you want to play on horseback in Norsk Rikstoto, there are currently two ways. Either through the company’s website, or through a commission agent.

– Sakaryasen confirms that we do not currently have an app for our customers.

Do you know which customers should download this app?

– As far as I know, no client has contacted about this.

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