Norsk Tipping's record results provide scope for long-awaited construction investment

Norsk Tipping's record results provide scope for long-awaited construction investment

– This is good news that shows that the cross-party work done in recent years to strengthen the Norwegian gambling model is working as intended. The proportion of problem gamblers has decreased significantly as a result of several effective measures to regulate the access of unregulated gambling companies to the Norwegian gambling market. According to the report, this will provide social and economic savings of up to $50 billion over a ten-year period, says acting head of sport Arne Baard Dalhaug.

Of Norsk Tipping's profits in 2023, NOK 3,723 million will be distributed for sporting purposes this year, which is NOK 288 million more than in 2023.

– The record profit achieved by Norsk Tipping gives more scope for the significant and targeted investment in the construction and rehabilitation of sports facilities described by the government in the government announcement, says Dalhoug.

The level of investment in the construction of sports facilities was significantly lower during and after the pandemic than in the years leading up to 2020. The Norwegian Sports Federation has clear expectations that the country will contribute to reversing the negative trend and that we will once again accelerate the construction of facilities.

– Facilities are absolutely essential to ensure that all children are able to join sports teams across the country. Today, unfortunately, there are children who are not allowed to participate with their friends and classmates due to lack of facilities and long waiting lists. Dalhoug says something needs to be done about it.

The Minister of Culture will soon present a new national construction plan. Here we expect that the support allocated to the construction and rehabilitation of sports facilities will be increased, and that solutions will be proposed that enable the support to be disbursed during the construction of the facilities and not after several years as is often the case. Today concludes the sports president.

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