North Korea infected with the Corona epidemic – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

North Korea infected with the Corona epidemic - NRK Urix - Foreign news and documentaries

In North Korea, six people have died of the fever, according to authorities. Among them, covid-19 was detected.

It is the first confirmed death from Corona in the country. On Thursday, North Korea confirmed the first case of the Corona virus since the outbreak of the epidemic.

– A fever whose causes could not be identified has spread across the country since the end of April. Six people died, one of whom tested positive for BA. 2-sub variant of omikron.

North Korea’s state news agency reports.

declared a national crisis

North Koreans are in an incredibly desperate situation, says lead researcher Stein Tonson in Brio.

More than two years after the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, North Korean authorities have to deal with the virus. A crisis was declared in the country after reports of a corona infection Thursday, according to NTB.

And 350,000 people have had a fever since the end of April.

According to the state news agency, 187,000 people have been “isolated and treated” for symptoms of fever.

The country’s leader, Kim Jong Un, has announced that he will beat the virus. Very strict infection control restrictions have been introduced.

Border controls are getting stricter. Several measures have been implemented for the complete shutdown.

North Korea declared a state of crisis after it was confirmed that it was infected with Corona. Kim Jong Un attends a meeting with the ruling party. The official Central News Agency published the photo on May 12.

Photo: AP

Vulnerable population

When the epidemic broke out in 2020, North Korea completely isolated itself from the outside world. Tonnison explains that important cross-border trade with China has also been halted.

Things were about to stabilize, but several coronavirus outbreaks and lockdowns in China also affected trade in 2022. This affected the population.

Corona infection can make the pain worse.

Tonson says the people who live there live close to starvation and can suffer from many different diseases.

It is believed that any attack on the respiratory system would be dangerous for many vulnerable North Koreans.

Stein Tonson

Stein Tonnison is a Priu researcher. His specialty is East Asia.

Photo: Philip Lott/NRK

Health care in North Korea is poor. The country may lack coronary artery tests and other medical equipment.

It could be a serious famine with an epidemic disease. It would be a great tragedy, says Tonson.

He thinks the country may now have to cut its policy. They are no longer able to refuse help.

– The question now is whether the United Nations and international organizations can enter again.

They can provide nutritional and medical assistance.

A health worker tests the temperature of a woman in Wonsan, North Korea.

ARCHIVE: A health worker takes a woman’s temperature to prevent COVID-19, outside the city of Wonsan in North Korea. Photo from October 29, 2020. In May 2022, North Korea confirmed its first death from Corona.

Photo: Kim Won Jin/AFPPhoto: Kim Won Jin/AFP

Vaccines will be sent

The South Korean government will now send corona vaccines to North Korea.

“We will discuss concrete plans to help North Korea,” a spokesman said, according to Reuters.

North Korea has consistently refused to accept coronary artery vaccines. The population is not vaccinated.

Professor Yang Moo-jin at Seoul University believes that North Koreans will be able to seek help now.

“Isolation and control are not enough to overcome the crisis without vaccines,” he told Reuters.

On the other hand, Tonson believes that North Korea will not accept help from the South. It is about national dignity and the idea of ​​self-management.

– This is the main content of the principles of the Kim dynasty, says Tonnison.

He says South Korea’s tradition is to provide emergency aid to its northern neighbor.

They have the idea that it might indirectly undermine the order in the North. That it could show residents there how far South Korea is, according to Tonison.

– I think for exactly the same reason, Kim Jong-un will not receive help from South Korea.

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yoo.

South Korean President Yoon Seok-yeol will send vaccines to North Korea. He is highly critical of the regime in the North, according to Stein Tonson.

Photo: Lee Jin-man / AP

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