North Korea will consider a ticket for Red voters

North Korea will consider a ticket for Red voters

The Red Party recently proposed banning the use of private jets to carry anything other than life and health.

Targeted for criticism, among others, billionaire Stein Eric Hagen, who Uses private planes when going to the cabin Say it on Cracker.

– Completely irresponsible

It is well known that Rod is not so keen on the super rich and wants to tax them more than he does today.

Hagen, Norway’s 7th richest man, is not part of Rodin’s growing electorate, so while Hagen insists he will not be afraid of the consequences if the left wins the election this fall, it will not come as a shock.

– If the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party rule, it is not death. I live well. There are two responsible parties. But Rod and SV are completely irresponsible to me, says Hagen, who offers the following force ointment against Rodett:

– I’m happy to treat North Korea with a “one way ticket” for those who vote in red. Then they will immediately get the society they want.

Plane: Stein Eric Hagen's cabin occupants must have been annoyed by this plane.  Photo: Marcus Tafton
Flight: Residents of Stein Eric Hagen’s cabin must have been annoyed by this flight. Photo: Marcus Tafton
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Exactly that statement did not bother the red color much. They did not hide the fact that their policies were costly to the super rich.

– It’s good to have a party that makes millionaires like Hagen lose sleep at night, Ratchet’s vice president Mary Snew Martinson tells Parsons.

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Increasing taxes

He says Rodin’s goal is for people like Hogen to contribute more to the community, and that, among other things, they want to send people dental bills to Hagen and his colleagues, among other things, by raising taxes on the company’s profits.

The party wants to gradually increase the corporation tax from 22 to 26 per cent by 2025, which will provide increased revenue to the state, valued at Rs 14.8 billion.

Dental health reform, with free dental health for all, is estimated to cost NOK 12 billion.

Recently, the rod blew air in its sails, and for a long time exceeded the 4 percent magic barrier. After the election the red did not always end above the barrier.

On Monday, Gander polled 7.5 percent for TV2, which would have given them 14 historic seats in Sorting.

– Millionaires’ first-time achievement red means they will no longer get everything they point to, says Martinuson, who commented on Hagen’s North Korea proposal as follows:

– North Korea is a dictatorship and a closed dictatorship, so they will not allow more than 100,000 people responsible for the opposite cause.


Hagen was not particularly interested in the increased lines. He had previously vehemently opposed the wealth tax. In January 2020, Hagen acknowledged that that was one thing Erna Solberg was very disappointed that the government did not win.

– They do not pay wealth tax. But even then they do not have a majority. I think the wealth tax is very unfair because it only affects Norwegian owners. This undermines national rights, Hagen said.

Recent polls do not give Hagen a reason to have high hopes for a bourgeois election winner this fall. The millionaire still holds He gave big cash prizes to all the bourgeois parties.

Through the family company Kanika, Hagen has provided the following:

  • 3.5 million to conservatives.
  • 2 million to Frp
  • 1 million left.
  • 1 million to KrF

– Balance

Hagen explained the support, thinking “there must be a balance in Norwegian politics.”

– The Left, especially the Labor Party, receives a lot of support from the LO. Since the NHO does not make party contributions, I think it is important that we have democracy and balance, Hagen told Parsons earlier this year.

At NOK 33 billion, Hagen is the seventh richest man in Norway Annual list of capital More than 400 wealthy Norwegians.

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