Nortman won second prize in Eurojackpot

Nortman won second prize in Eurojackpot

If the Norwegian is the only second prize winner in Eurojackpot you can win big. A lucky man from Sandefjord did it, and he can now enjoy more than 14 million kroner.

When the Eurojackot draw ended on Friday, we were left with two Norwegian winners. One of them, one from Sandefjord, was particularly lucky and received a solid second prize. He can expect a big boost in the account when NOK comes in at 14,545,645 in a few days.

Will help others

– Is this a joke? No, now I was almost dumb, Norsk whispers to the lucky winner when he receives a million messages from the tipping. The Sandefjord man, who wants to remain anonymous, was at home with his wife when the news came.

– She did not hear this conversation because she is in the kitchen, but now I’m eager to tell her. Alas, it had to take a lot, Says the slowly shocked man.

It was already clear what he was going to spend a portion of his gift on:

– I have children who can benefit from this gift. At the same time, I tend to give a share to people who need it, and now I give more, Says the winner with a big heart. He wants to be anonymous.

The winning coupon was delivered via mobile on the same day.

Eurojackot playing time on Tuesdays and Fridays is 19.00

The meat paddle is Pentecost

There were many who could enjoy the best gifts this Friday. Torstein Schreiber, 54, of Hustadvika in Møre o Romsdal, took with him the national extra prize of 1 million kroner, and now, like the man from Sandefjord, can call himself the newly shot Eurojackbot millionaire.

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– Seriously? Are you playing now? WonderfulThe surprised man walks out when Norsk tipping phone and reporting the news.

Romsdalingen was getting ready with family on Friday night, and when the winning phone rang suddenly from Hamar, he realized there was silence and no danger.

Shares with family

– It came to me suddenly. I’m not sure where the gift will go. But it is certain that both children and grandchildren will receive a share in this gift. No, we’re celebrating Pentecost weekend better now. Says the generous and happy winner from Hastatvika.

Lotto has playing time on Saturday at 18:00

Winning Numbers June 3

These figures, which no one could have guessed, were drawn this Friday:

4 – 22 – 27 – 39 – 41

Star rating:

1 – 9

About 202 million on Tuesday

Generous first gift pot approx. NOK 171 million, no one could glove this Friday. The pot will therefore always make short pants, and by Tuesday 7 June it will be approx. 202 million kroner. The second prize pool will be approx. 7 million kroner. All Norwegian players on Eurojackpot are in the draw for an additional NOK 1 million prize.

Eurojackot playing time on Tuesdays and Fridays is 19.00

Chances of winning the Eurojackpot:

To win the first prize in Eurojacket, there must be 5 positive numbers out of the possible 50, and 2 positive stars out of 12. It gives an approximate total. 140 million possible combinations per row, and the chance of winning is then approximate. 1: 140 million per row. For the second prize, the chance of winning is approximate. The national premium (1 million kroner) is approximately 1: 7 million per order. 1: Number of rows.

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Total number of premium payments in 2021 (Norway): 2,844,151

Number of first premium payments in 2021 (Norway): 0

Number of Millionaires in 2021 (Norway): 65

Higher premium payments in 2021 (Norway): 25,931,120

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