Norway is getting redder on the EU infection map – VG

Norway is getting redder on the EU infection map – VG
OSLO: The urban environment of Jernbanetorget is seen from a ferris wheel in front of Østbanehallen in Oslo on Wednesday.

Autumn red and yellow colors characterize the Norway incidence map in the European Union. Now Trøndelag and Møre og Romsdal are also in red.


Besides Iceland, Norway is now the reddest country in the Nordic region. On the other hand, the color of all of Sweden is now yellow.

Oslo remains the only dark red spot in the Nordic region.

On the other hand, Cyprus is going from dark red to red, which means that there is no requirement for quarantine hotels if the FHI follows EU recommendations.

Otherwise, the situation is the same for all EU countries. Poland, the Czech Republic, as well as most of Slovakia and Hungary are the only green countries.

For green countries, there is no requirement to take a negative test before entering Norway or to be quarantined. For orange and red countries, only those who have the right to travel to Norway are required, and those entering must have a negative test certificate prior to entry, test themselves at the border on arrival and in quarantine for entry.

Travelers from dark red countries must be in quarantine hotels.

If you have been fully vaccinated or have had covid-19 in the past six months, you are completely exempt from travel quarantine.

If you only received your first vaccine dose between 3 and 15 weeks, you are exempt from hotel quarantine and can take travel quarantine at home or another convenient location. After three days in travel quarantine, you can take a PCR test. If the result is negative, you can end the quarantine.

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