Norway launches Lucid Air – the latest: Coming to Norway

Norway launches Lucid Air - the latest: Coming to Norway

(Elbil24): We have already raised the issue Many new car models that will enter the Norwegian market. One of those is Lucid, which recently introduced its first cars to US customers. But the brand is also targeting the European market, and soon there.

to cars 24 Lucid now confirms that it will open a showroom in Oslo.

The launch of the brand will begin in Europe during the year. Norway, on the other hand, is not the first to come out, as we have done with a number of other new car brands that will be launching electric cars for the first time.

– We plan to open a studio in Munich in May – then Zurich, Amsterdam and then Oslo, says Kaivan Nikjo, Lucid’s director of PR and communications for EMEA, to cars 24.

He adds that Oslo is the priority market in Scandinavia, but he believes the showroom won’t exist until the summer of next year – 2023.

Next: Lucid Air became a direct competitor to the Tesla Model S. Photo: Lucid

Next: Lucid Air became a direct competitor to the Tesla Model S. Photo: Lucid
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One model, many variants

Lucid initially developed the Lucid Air, a large sedan in direct competition with the Tesla Model S. Essentially, this is a large sedan, and one that is not the first choice of Norwegian car buyers.

The Lucid promises a range of 836 kilometers, measured by strict Environmental Protection Agency standards. In this case, that would mean more than 180 kilometers longer than Tesla promised with its updated Model S, which is based on WLTP.

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One thing is that the car is big, and the other is that it is a sedan. Norway – and Europe in general – is first and foremost an SUV market. If we use Tesla as an example, not much of the Model S will be sold after the Model 3 and Model Y are on the market. These are the cars that best fit our market and usage pattern, both in terms of size, shape and price.

Bilbransje24 also notes that the Lucid Air is a car that starts at $77,400 in the US, while the Tesla Model S is $95,000. Norwegian fares are too early to guess, but we shouldn’t ignore the fact that the cheapest Lucid airline will be cheaper than the Tesla Model S, also found in Norway.

Then their PR manager, Nikjou, announced that they would like more galleries in Norway, but they must first have a look at the market and interest.

Lucid Norway AS is already established, and is currently looking for key people for its startup, which will take place next summer.

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