“Norway should have a place for Russian academics”

"Norway should have a place for Russian academics"

However, setting special Norwegian visa rules for Russians is not a good solution.

Alfred Biorlo of the Liberal Party is proposing emergency visas for Russian academics.
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This is a commander. The editorial expresses Bergens Tidende’s journalistic idea: a politically independent, independent, liberal, bourgeois (non-socialist) party newspaper.

Norway It should make it easier for Russian academics to apply for residency in this country, Liberal Party representative Alfred Biorlo believes.

NRK . says That we must accept people who are against the Russian system, who need asylum and who have the education and experience that Norway will need in the coming years.

It is fundamentally important for the world to support Ukraine by restricting it towards Russian citizens. However, Björlo’s suggestion is intriguing.

It’s special Three reasons why this policy makes sense: First, it can help individuals in difficult situations. Academic freedom in Russia is increasingly restricted.

Second, it could weaken Russia’s economy and its ability to wage war by draining the country’s experience.

Third, these people will be able to contribute much-needed expertise here in Norway.

Creating a brain drain for Russian academics and other professionals could help weaken the Putin regime’s ability to wage war, both abroad and against its own people.

Biorlo’s suggestion should be Yet he met with extreme caution.

He. She The largest professional group left Russia after Vladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine are IT professionals.

We know that cyber attacks are frequently used on the Russian side, as well as against Norway. The state should be very careful about expelling the spy contestant of Russian immigrants who appear to be critical of the regime.

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Exception rules and special arrangements are also something the state would prefer to avoid.

There is a lot vulnerable groups in the world today. Norway may find itself in a difficult conflict of interest if the country itself takes the initiative to create a special arrangement for Russian academics.

The International Asylum Institute should be the foundation. This already includes the possibility of providing protection on political and humanitarian grounds.

Among other things, Norway welcomed many opposition figures, including artists and musicians, after the coup in Chile in 1973.

as a neighboring country Russia, arguably Norway should contribute to being a safe haven for Russian academics.

However, the state should not be responsible for the initiative itself – and beware of being naive.


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