Norway-supplied artillery knocked out – VG

Norway-supplied artillery knocked out - VG
Artillery: Ukrainian civil servants released a picture of the M109A3 artillery over the weekend. According to the Ukrainians, it came from Norway. It is not specified where this photo was taken in Ukraine.

The Russian Defense Ministry says it has knocked out a self-propelled Ukrainian artillery from Norway.


This was revealed at a press conference of the Russian Ministry of Defense on Tuesday Reprinted on their website.

There, mother-in-law Igor Konashenkov claims that Russia fired 155 mm self-propelled artillery of the M109A3 type.

Satellite images of how it was attacked by Russian artillery are also shown.

Its video images The best posts on websites To the military television channel Zvezda.

Major General: Igor Konashenkov says on Tuesday that the Russians destroyed artillery supplied from Norway.

It’s been three days since the website was launched He said this type of artillery, handed over from Norway, was already in use on the front lines in Ukraine.

The M109A3 has a range of more than 20 kilometers and may be more accurate than Russian artillery.

It was announced last week that the United States will contribute to more improvements Missile systems capable of striking Russian targets at a range of 80 km.

The Russian Defense Ministry reports how much Ukrainian military equipment is destroyed each day and how many Ukrainian soldiers are killed. However, they do not publish anything about their own losses.

The secret

In addition to the Norwegian artillery, the Russians claim to have destroyed two American-made 155 mm howitzers of the MMM777 type.

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The government has previously promised to donate 4,000 M72 type anti-tank weapons And Mistral missiles. On the other hand, there is a secret around the cannons. Artillery heavy weapons are now the focus of Ukraine’s war against the Russians in eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian military website Norway wrote that it supplied 20m109 rifles.

Reported at the end of May Teknisk Ukeblad US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has thanked Norway for supplying artillery to Ukraine, but the Defense Ministry has not yet commented on the number or type of weapons.

Thanks for the day of Pentecost A Ukrainian general on their Facebook page For Norwegian contribution with M109A3 type artillery.

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