Norway’s Olympic dream shattered – VG

Norway’s Olympic dream shattered – VG

JORDAL AMFI (VG) (Norway-Denmark 0-2) Veteran Danish goalkeeper Sebastian Dahm (34) saved countless shots and shattered the national ice hockey team’s dream of coming to the fourth consecutive Olympic Games.


NHL star Nikolai Eilers (25) scored the decisive goal 2-0 and sent the Danes into the Beijing Olympics three minutes from the end. Fredrik Storm scored Denmark’s first goal in the 38th minute.

– It’s bitter, Martin Røymark (34) tells VG.

The national team veteran competed at the Olympics in Vancouver in 2010, Sochi in 2014 and Pyeongchang in 2018. He describes the atmosphere as bleak in the locker room.

– It’s very quiet over there. Røymark says the only chance we had to go to for the Olympics was missed, so we’ll likely be feeling it all evening.

The case was ready before it began. By beating Denmark in their final group match in the Olympic qualifiers, Norway’s national ice hockey team will be ready for the Winter Games in Beijing in February 2022. It will mean losses time and time again. After three consecutive Olympics from 2010, the Hockey Boys will no longer be on China’s 12 national teams.

There are 25 people who are very disappointed. We’ve been to the Olympics before and we know how great they are, says national team profile Patrick Thorsen on TV 2 after the game.

Patrick Thoresen, 37, crumpled on his legs After sustaining an injury in a training match against Latvia a few days before the start of the Olympic qualifiers. The national team veteran – usually a player on big occasions like this – didn’t play the first two games against South Korea (4-1) and Slovenia (7-4).

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“That’s exactly what I’m dealing with,” he said when asked if he took the opportunity at the start of the series to play against Denmark.

– That’s not the focus, says Thoresen with palpable disappointment.

Mats Zuccarello got his first proper chance for Norway after just over five minutes. His shot flew from a short distance off the right post of Sebastien Dehm, in a level confrontation until then. Then Peter Thoresen’s crew fell victim to a clumsy player change. The Danish expelled and overtime play five against four, which Norway has taken well.

– I think we are the best team. We’re leading, but we meet a strong team behind us, Zuccarello tells TV 2, who believes Norway lacks a bit of “smartness” in all aspects.

We lose on a good day, says the Norwegian ice hockey star.

MORE: National team coach Peter Thøressen has played five Olympics and led Norway in 2016 to the Winter Games three years ago. This time it didn’t work.

Shortly thereafter, Matthias Tretenis – Norway’s best player at the World Cup in May – A good closing opportunity after a pass from Zuccarillo, before the latter had the opportunity to organize extra-time matches in favor of the Norwegian as a result of Ken Andre Olympe’s manipulation of the Danish expulsion.

It also hit the sand.

In short, the match picture gave few indications. Neither side managed to gain a clear advantage, although in the first 20 minutes Norway created more intense chances than the Danes – the latter with a long-range shot from defender Stefan Espeland.

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The Danish NHL series with Nikolai Eilers, Oliver Björkstrand and Frans Nielsen were not given opportunities to excel in the first period. In the introduction of the second, she showed herself in earnest, pushing Norway’s supposed best into the arms of goalkeeper Henrik Hokland. But two goals that left Olympe and Sondry Olden ensured balance, with immediate pressure on the opposite end of the ice – and provided three great goal-scoring opportunities.

The first chance: Mats Zuccarello hits the ball directly outside the right post of Sebastian Dehm after five and a half minutes. Against Denmark’s goal: Andreas Martinsen (No. 27).

Then the Danish ping-pong when Mats Zuccarello, to his astonishment, had to sit in the sending-off box. Shots were fired towards and around Haukeland, which saved everything. Same with Dahm, who had a lot to do, especially when the series with Mathis Olimb, Ken André Olimb and Mats Rosseli Olsen was on the ice.

Mats Zuccarello – cleverly – caused a new expulsion of Denmark. For the next two minutes, the hockey boys were very close to taking the lead. But Sebastian Dahme seemed as consistent as Hawkland. Raid saved Norwegian shots with so much confidence that – with fear and awe – In the 2016 toilet when the Danes won 3-0.

Then Fredrik Storm scored the first goal of the match.

131 seconds before the end of the mid-period.

Norway’s most consistent Erlind Lesund got on his heels a bit when Storm suddenly earned a good spot from the central region. Professional Storm in Germany flew past Lesund, pulled the disc to the right, whipping the disc along the ice from the backhand – between the legs of Henrik Hochland.

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From a Norwegian point of view, there was no reason to question before the last normal period. Norway had to manage what they weren’t capable of in the first two periods: turning good goal chances into goals and a draw. By all means, the Danes shouldn’t have added 2-0.

Michael Haga could have made it 1-1 after two minutes. Norway had a solid chance to do so when Nikolaj Eilers was sent off two minutes later. Dotted Patrick Thoresen, standing to the right of Dham. But she somehow does. Dahm saved one Norwegian shot after another, time and time again.

It’s normal for an unfortunate rush to appear in the home team.

Nikolai Eilers took advantage of that as he thrust through the center at breakneck speed and smashed a puck into the net behind a desperate Henrik Hokland.

Thus, the Danish hockey masters are ready for their first Olympics.

Here you can read VG Rating of Boys Hockey Chance To succeed – before the start of the game.

Decision: Nikolai Eilers celebrated Denmark’s Olympic position by scoring 2-0 three minutes before the end of the match.
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