Norwegian and foreign policy | The woman’s secret has been partially solved:

Norwegian and foreign policy |  The woman's secret has been partially solved:

She suffered amnesia when she was found battered, dehydrated and emaciated on a pile of rocks in the bay.

Croatian police recently released a photo of a battered woman who was found sitting on a pile of rocks in a bay on the Croatian island of Krk in the north of the country. The woman appears to be suffering from amnesia, and reportedly has no memories of who she is or how she ended up on the island.

– She speaks English but does not remember her identity. The police said in a statement that she is now in hospital and her condition is stable.

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– We received many inquiries from different places. But we still don’t know who she is. No one called and said “This is my mom” or “This is my sister”. We have linked Europol, but so far no country has contacted us and said it is missing. She is not a Croatian citizen. She speaks great English, a policeman at the local police station in Krk told Nettavisen earlier this week.

Now the Croatian police have finally managed to solve parts of the mystery after friends and acquaintances got to know the woman after massive media reports around the world.

Hollywood stars on client list

Police identified the woman as Slovak jewelry designer Daniela Adamkova. The 57-year-old periodically lived in Los Angeles until 2015, designing jewelry for Hollywood stars Watchman.

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The woman is said to have had such famous clients as Diana Ross, Brigitte Bardot and Barbra Streisand. The newspaper also reported that her jewelry was placed in the popular TV series Friends.

From 2015 to 2018, the woman must have lived in Ireland, where she worked in a homeless shelter. After that, she was said to have returned to her hometown of Trenčín in Slovakia. A local magazine in her hometown of Trenchin previously did a photo of the woman, describing her as a successful jewelry designer who sold jewelry to Hollywood stars.

The police have no explanation as to how the woman got to the Croatian island, or why she apparently suffers from amnesia.

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Aroused international interest

Local authorities assume that the woman spent several days in the area. The case attracted international attention and was covered by both local media and a number of English-language media such as WatchmanAnd CNNAnd the sunAnd daily monster And daily mail.

The woman was first spotted by a local fisherman on Sunday morning, September 12. Then she was sitting on a pile of rocks in a bay near the village of Sulin.

Extremely dry and emaciated

14 rescuers had to walk their way through 3 kilometers of rugged terrain to reach the woman.

– We found her down the beach. She had some minor injuries and was scratched. She was severely dehydrated and emaciated. A spokesman for the Croatian rescue service HGSS told the newspaper that she had barely managed to drink a few sips of water 24 sataAccording to the Guardian newspaper.

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– We put her on a stretcher because she couldn’t walk on her own. The rescue service reported that she was then taken to the hospital.

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No ID, no mobile phone

The woman was not carrying any identification documents or a mobile phone when she was found. There were no cars nearby. Locals told 24Sata that the area is rocky and rugged, and it is almost difficult to cross on foot and from the sea.

– It’s strange that she was in this area. It’s a very impassable part of the bay, with pointed boulders that literally resemble razor blades that will be able to cut into the soles of your shoes, says a local.

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