Norwegian Beef, Emet Nyab | NRK portrays abuse as “entertainment”.

Norwegian Beef, Emet Nyab |  NRK portrays abuse as “entertainment”.

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This is not the first time that NRK has tried to create young content, but this time they may have saved themselves.

Season two of NRK’s ​​youth show “Norske beefer” was released recently. Here, the “legendary Norwegian fights on social media” will be put under the microscope, in a humorous and light-hearted way, similar to the content you see on TikTok and other social media.

Earlier in the series there were episodes about Duckblade’s music critic, who had to eat Dix’s helmet on a bed of shards of glass, after a music review that turned out to be completely wrong, and an episode about Jenny Hoos’ influences, double standards and “crime”. culture.”

In each episode, disparate “celebrities” pit themselves against each other like opponents in a boxing match, to the sound of catchy popular music and frantic editing and slow-motion filming of close-ups of the interviewees.

“Patter in the Face”

In the first episode of the new season titled “Come in the Face”, influencer, TikToker and reality participant, Emat Nayab (23) (known from the reality series “Ex on the Beach”) says what NRK’s ​​host says “The biggest social media of all time. He calls it drama.

Nayab is in trouble for posting a picture of a minor girl with sperm on her face on Snapchat without her permission. It subsequently led to him losing his job at Kiwi.

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The boy who took the picture had sent it to Nayab, identifying himself as the girl’s boyfriend. Encourage the influencer to post the photo on social media.

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In the series, host Annika Momrak repeats several times that the argument surrounding the show is “the biggest drama in Norwegian TikTok”.

“Beef Between Girls and Boys”

The episode begins by establishing that there is an ongoing “beef” or “beef between girls and boys” between TikToker profiles Anine Olsen and Emat Nayab, before Nayab talks about her crush on influencer Andrew Tate.

The girl in the photo reached out to TikTok influencer Anne Olson on TikTok for help. Also, he himself uploaded a video of the incident where he spoke against Nayab.

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Nayab believes that the woman agreed to take the picture just to get attention. And it is unfair that he also posted a Tiktok video about the situation. According to him, this is evidence that the girl’s motive was to attract attention.

The format and structure of the series suggest that it is meant to be light entertainment. But on the subject of sexual abuse it goes the wrong way.

At best, it’s embarrassing and awkward. At its worst, when a common but serious incident like this is reduced to a “beef” between two influencers, it helps to make digital sexual assault look harmless.

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Both the woman in the film and her mother are interviewed in the series. Same style as other shows, with catchy music in the background, fast cutting and snappy camera angles to match.

The episode blurs the dividing lines between seriousness, entertainment, and a kind of social media journalism where I wonder who the target audience really is.

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Again, NRK is wearing its hat backwards and making a serious attempt to woo the youth. It’s not the first time it’s been ugly, but this time they might have saved themselves.

It all comes down to gray zone country with “kids” where you wonder where the adults are.

It is good that NRK wants to create content that appeals to the youth. But at what cost? Surely it’s a matter of young people liking this type of content?

TikTok and Snapchat are both social media and entertainment apps. But that doesn’t mean everything published there is entertainment.

Otherwise, this series has potential and I wish NRK would capitalize on it. In several episodes, he finds himself at the threshold of matters of great disagreement, while being shocked by others. But this time the production itself could have benefited from it.

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