Norwegian breeders are going to court again after banning salmon in Canada – E24

Norwegian breeders are going to court again after banning salmon in Canada – E24

This is happening because Canadian authorities are going to phase out salmon farming in an area on the West Coast, out of consideration for the endangered wild salmon and the majority of the indigenous population.

Norwegian agricultural giants like Mowi and Grieg have previously gone to court to stop restrictions on salmon farming in Canada. The country’s indigenous people have fought for years against salmon farmers to protect wild salmon. The photo is an illustration taken during a previous inspection of a farm on the west coast of Canada.
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On Canada’s west coast, several Norwegian agricultural companies are involved in a long-running dispute between industry, Aboriginal people, environmental organizations and authorities.

Now Grieg Seafood, Mowi and Cermaq will go to court again, after Canadian authorities opted earlier this year not to renew licenses in an area in British Columbia (BC) on Canada’s west coast, according to recent court documents.

Grieg’s Director of Communications, Kristina Fornes, explains that the deadline for appeal expired on March 20, and so they are now going to court to obtain more information about the process that led to the decision not to renew the licenses.

In the previous round, it was found that the process that led to the decision was not good enough and had to be done again. We’d like to get some insight into how the process went this time, which could be useful with you in the future, she tells E24.

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Greg had a plant in this area.

Industry organization BC Salmon Farmers, which includes Norwegian Mowi and Grieg, blamed the decision Irresponsible and destructiveand claims that it is not based on science.

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The indigenous people of the area (First Nations) have fought for years to farm salmon in the area, in order to conserve the endangered wild salmon.

In recent years, there has been an increase in brutal abuses against indigenous peoples in Canada, and the country is now in the process of increasing focus on the rights of indigenous peoples.

struggle for a year

In 2021, among others, Mowi, Grieg Seafood, and Cermaq went to court to stop the government’s decision to phase out farming licenses around British Columbia’s (BC) Discovery Islands on Canada’s west coast.

The court agreed with the companies that the decision was invalid due to the process, but after a new process, it was decided in February not to renew the 15 licenses.

– Canadian Fisheries Minister Joyce Murray said in connection with the decision that the situation of wild salmon in the Pacific Ocean is critical, and we must do what we can to ensure that they survive.

– This was a difficult, but necessary decision. She added that by taking an enhanced precautionary approach in the Discovery Islands region, the Government of Canada will help ensure the good condition of wild Pacific salmon for our children and grandchildren.

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Total phase out?

The big question, which could have dire consequences for Norwegian companies, is what the country will do with the overarching goal of phasing out all open farming on the coast in British Columbia, which has long been a goal of the government.

Neither Mowi nor Cermaq have had any comments yet on this matter to E24.

Canada is one of the largest producers of farmed salmon in the world, while Norway, Chile and Scotland are the largest. Norwegian companies are important players in all of these countries.

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