Norwegian Daniel Stessen participates in the new major project “Those About to Die” on Amazon Prime

Norwegian Daniel Stessen participates in the new major project “Those About to Die” on Amazon Prime

– Think of the Roman Empire, gladiators, and epic battles.

This is how Daniel Stessen describes the new series “Those About to Die.” With the famous director and screenwriter Roland Emmerich In the director's chair, the stage is set for an epic TV drama that will mark the summer.

A global exhibition of characters will fill screens this summer. Photo: Peacock

The cast also includes actors like Iwan Rheon (known for Game of Thrones) and Anthony Hopkins (The Silence of The Lambs, The Father). For the Norwegian actor, this means a lot in his career.

Daniel Stessen with actor Iwan Rheon (left). Photo: Private

“I don't feel stardom, but I consider it a great recognition that you're doing something right in your career,” says Daniel of the cast list.

– This is a milestone on the road.

Independent action movies

The actor was born and raised in Mandal. In recent decades, he has been involved in bodybuilding and training, and has appeared in a number of different blockbuster films. He has also excelled at home indie movie– A world full of action movies like “Last Man Down (2021)” and “The Siege (2023)”.

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He is now working on the upcoming film Stand Your Ground. He also describes it as an “indie action film.” He talks about the hectic recording months with close friendships, good memories and a lot of freedom.

It can reveal a little, and hint at a lot

Those About to Die will be his biggest project yet. He plays Ursus in the series, but he can't reveal much about the role until the series is released.

– Daniel says: She is a muscular and intimidating character.

He can't reveal exactly what role the character plays in the character gallery, but Ursus appears several times in the series' trailer.

– The scenario could also be a bit reminiscent of Game of Thrones. No one is just good or evil. “Everyone has some good and some dark sides, and you never know how things are going to play out with the characters,” Stesen says.

– Although I can't say much more than that, I can say that; he is a central role in the story.

– Magic eye for movie magic

When asked how Daniel was first contacted regarding the series, he said:

They contacted me via email, and a few days later we negotiated the contract.

He's not entirely sure what previous projects made the series' creators interested in Stisen.

– I never asked a direct question, but I assume someone saw me in the movie “Last Man Down.”

– But according to the daughter of one of the producers, I was among Roland Emmerich's choices for the series.

Regarding meeting the director, Daniel tells about a man who welcomed what he called; A magic eye for movie magic.

Daniel Stesen and Roland Emmerich on the set of “Those About to Die.” Photo: private

– I was very excited to work with Roland. After the first scenes, I had a good working relationship as actor and director.

Stessen adds something that meant a lot to him:

– He was very happy with my performance after recording.

Stesen also talks about having dinner with the director and actors in the lead-up to taping, as they were reviewing the script. He also mentions costume tests before filming in a historical setting.

Rome's Cinecittà Studios is famous for several major productions, including “Cleopatra” from 1963. Image: Ap

Working where projects such as “Cleopatra (1963),” “Ben-Hur (1959)” and the TV series “Rome (2005)” were filmed was a wonderful experience.

– Against all enemies

Henry David Mendoza, Stessen's European manager, describes the role in Those About to Die as follows:

-I am very proud of the work that has been done. It took a lot of discipline and organized work over several years for Daniel to get to where he is today.

Mendoza has a long career as a manager for many Norwegian artists and actors. Photo: Private

-I'm very proud to be involved in this.

He adds:

– Daniel did it against all odds. He comes from a completely different field, but he brought the bodybuilding discipline to the world of cinema, and it worked.

Stisen and Mendoza are also working together to finance future action films and projects.

– I'm really looking forward to the time ahead, especially to see who we choose to include in the cast.

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Now it's up to the audience

“Those About to Die” will be released on July 19 on Amazon Prime in Norway.

Daniel Stessen as Ursus. Photo: Peacock

Daniel is looking forward to hearing the reactions to the series. He himself says he was impressed when he saw the final scenes in the trailer.

This is despite the fact that he lived and worked on the set for several months and participated in the subsequent recording of all dialogue in the studio.

– Even after reading the script I thought: Damn, this is hard, when I saw the trailer. The great gladiator fights at the Colosseum, whether in the snow or in the water. It will be bigger than you can imagine.

Anthony Hopkins as Julius Caesar in the series. Photo: Peacock

– I think this could be one of the biggest TV series ever in 2024.

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