June 8, 2023


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Norwegian Data Protection Authority offers NOK 5 million fee for CV sharing – NRK Norway – Overview of news from various parts of the country

It was only in February last year that Nav discovered their whereabouts posted CVs at arbeidplassen.no Without being allowed to do so.

The practice of publishing CVs of job seekers has been going on since 2001.

– It was a strong experience. We were really humbled by the users who registered with this database. John Stongdale, executive chairman of the Data Inspectorate, says it was an explosion of frustrated individuals that their data was so openly shared.

Janne Stang Dahl, executive chairman of the Norwegian Data Protection Commission, told Nav that NOK was fined $ 5 million.

Photo: Trent Laidersen / NRK

Now, for more than a year, the Data Inspectorate fee is ready: NOK 5 million.

– We give Nav a room. Job seekers have demanded that they put their CV in a database, and then all personal information will be available to all employers, Stong Doll says.

Nav may appeal the decision, but they do not want to do so.

– We will not appeal this decision, says Hav Christian Holder, chairman of NAW.

Employment is declining

Until last winter, Arbeidsplassen.no was an important tool for Nav to separate job seekers and employers.

– Did you have to stop the way you run a job, did it make you run a low performance job?

Now director Hans Christian Holde

Now director Hans Christian Holde

Photo: Torstein Po / NTP

– Yes, I think we should be honest to say that the employment service we are doing now will take some time and is somewhat less effective than the solution we can not pursue explicitly, says Holde.

Stong Doll and the Norwegian Data Protection Commission believe that when focusing on the practice of the tongue, they take into account that employment is an important task.

He says it may be the choice of politicians to dictate what Nav should share to job seekers.

– If Nav wants to expand its legal basis regarding the sharing of CVs, they can start a process there.

Holte did not deny that he would ask politicians for more powers to make people work more efficiently.

– Now let’s see how to achieve good digital solutions within the homes we have. But let’s also see if we have the basis to have any new legal bases. “I can not deny that this will happen in the future,” he said.

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