Norwegian Editors’ Association and TV 2 disagree over MyGame’s editorial responsibility

Removed: This is a screenshot of a floorball game where some players fought. The footage was on TV 2 Play for over a week before it was removed.

TV 2 believes they have no editorial responsibility for footage of a 12-year-old boy fighting during a floorball match left on TV 2 Play for more than a week. The Norwegian Teachers’ Union disagrees.

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– If TV 2 publishes something on its sites, they are responsible for what they broadcast – regardless, Raitun Kelling Nybo, secretary general of the Norwegian Editors’ Association, adds:

– You cannot have a contract that waives one’s editorial responsibility.

The issue was brought up to date after a video A 12-year-old floorball player who ended up in a fight was streamed On the broad platform «MyGame» – a streaming service that shows grassroots sports up to the age of 15 – and will be broadcast on TV 2 Play.

TV 2 owns almost half (47 percent) of MyCam.

Press Manager: John Peter Dahl on TV2 during the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Jan-Peter Dahl, press manager at TV 2, told VG on Thursday “MyGame has editorial responsibility for the Service”.

Confronted with the teachers union statement, Dahl reiterates that MyGame is responsible for the content.

– TV 2 does not contractually waive any responsibility, but MyGame still retains editorial responsibility for the content of its service, just as TV 2 has editorial responsibility for content distributed on TV distributors’ streaming services. Tall to VG.

TV 2 sees the need for better labeling and information.

– Dahl says that we will take the initiative in the editors’ union to discuss how to deal with the situation where editorial media distribute content to each other.

Here’s Martin Ødegaard’s dream of the goal that you can see on VGTV and you can watch it again here:

Author responsibility means that the author has personal and full responsibility for the content of the media, and must protect the right to anonymity and the protection of sources.

Many have criticized the streaming of games for children and teenagers. This summer, the Swedish Sports Confederation banned the streaming of under-15 games.

The Norwegian Editors’ Association believes the sports association has gone too far in limiting the possibilities of streaming for editor-controlled media.

– Although the sports federation has said that there is a ban on streaming sports matches with children under the age of 15, we believe that is not the case. We have denied it with the Sports Association, says Raidun Kelling Naibo.

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General Secretary: Raidun Kelling Nybo of the Norwegian Teachers’ Association.

The Editors’ Association and the Norwegian Press Association are negotiating new guidelines with the Norwegian Sports Confederation. One objection is that Vær Varsom poster makes no distinction between committed commercial organizations or editor-managed media.

In May this year, Stine Sofie’s Foundation issued a strong warning against games involving children and young people on a new TV platform.

Ada Sofie Austegaard, head of the foundation, called this “madness” in a column for NRK Ytring, and thought the new site was “a new arena for abusers”.

Currently, Oslo Municipality does not allow TV filming of public and youth events in football, handball, indoor panty, basketball, volleyball and ice hockey.

– This can have unfortunate consequences, for example bullying, then I worry about performance pressure, and that sport will no longer be a free arena, but an arena for performance, says Umar Sami Kamal (SV), City Councilor for Culture and Sports. For VG.

Here’s a player you can watch on TV in Sunday’s WC final:

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