Norwegian environmental company Isabel Rod announces studies on AS – VG

Norwegian environmental company Isabel Rod announces studies on AS - VG
Implications: Isabel Rod recently teamed up with her ex-boyfriend Pierre Lewis to launch an online store called Trendy Things.

The Norwegian Environmental Agency will conduct a product inspection at Isabel Raad AS following the announcement of suspicions of possible violations of environmental regulations.


– We follow the products that influencers sell and market. “This is the market segment we want to follow,” wrote Matthew Wewlemans, head of division, in an email to VG.

The letter from the Norwegian Environment Agency says the background to the censorship is linked to the council’s latest online store, Trending Things, which began with her ex-boyfriend Pierre Lewis, known from several reality series.

Recipient of the Louis letter, the audit applies to Isabel Rod AS.

– We have discovered many substances that are harmful to health and the environment such as cadmium and nickel. In addition, we are concerned about possible violations of environmental regulations for TrendyThings, Veulemans writes.

VG has tried to communicate with Rod and Lewis, but has not yet succeeded.

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Solution for Isabel Rod: – Satisfaction

The Norwegian Environment Agency writes that it would like to receive the following documents before the meeting on November 25:

  • Documents for internal control within product security.
  • Technical Documentation for Galaxy Lighting: GALAXY LAMP –
  • Technical documentation for the four best-selling jewelry they sell

They should check if TrendyThings has an internal control system company that ensures that only legal products are imported and sold.

– In addition, we take a random test. In other words, we verify certain products for labeling, documentation and content of products that are harmful to health and the environment, including product testing.

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The theme for the product study of the Norwegian Environment Agency is internal control and prohibited substances that pose a risk to health and the environment.

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Legal documents: The book project provided a basis for lawsuits against the housing municipality

Veulemans says the Norwegian environmental agency surveys 50 to 75 companies that sell products each year.

– We select companies to be verified on the basis of various data sources: information from the Norwegian customs import data, specifications, own inspections and follow-up of previous inspections.

The review was acclaimed

In September, Rod and Lewis launched the online store TrendyThings.

Since the launch, reviews have been pouring in on the online store. The biggest part of the review is that you can find products on the internet cheaper anywhere else, and Rod did not design the products himself.

Rod has defended the criticism on Instagram and YouTube several times, and said he did not claim to have designed anything himself.

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