Norwegian hospitals have at least 22 Omigran inpatients – VG

Norwegian hospitals have at least 22 Omigran inpatients - VG

Despite the decline in the number of new corona patients in Norwegian hospitals, the FHI believes that drastic measures are necessary.


A recent weekly report by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) shows that there are at least 22 Omigran inpatients in Norway.

But may be less than half of all samples until inpatient analysis.

In total, 1245 new patients were admitted to the hospital at 48-51 weeks, at least 22 of whom had Omigran:

But not all of the 22 Omigran inpatients were hospitalized due to the Covit-19 main cause:

When asked what we know about Omigron patients, the FHI responds:

– We don’t know much about them yet. Some of them have been admitted to Omigran as the main reason, and some more, says Frod Forland, course director from FHI to VG.

This is compound growth

Last week, the number of new corona patients admitted to the hospital dropped from 254 in 50 weeks to 192 last week.

See for yourself by clicking “Week” on this map:

As you can see, the number of new corona patients in hospitals is increasing week by week.

While the number of new inpatients is generally declining, for young people it is going in the opposite direction:

– There has been an increase this week in the number of new patients aged 18-29 (from 50 weeks 7 to 51 weeks 14). Among other ages, a decline has been reported so far, the FHI writes in its weekly report.

Forland calls this a moderate increase in FHI.

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– He says we have now seen an increase in the spread of the disease among younger groups.

FHI believes: drastic measures are still needed

– The number of new corona admissions in hospitals seems to have been equated and there has been no major increase as a result of omicon. Do we then need the drastic measures that we have introduced in the community?

– This is the big question. We may think it necessary. There is still less tracking time with Omigran. But in the first two weeks of January, we have more data. If we keep Omigran in the community for a long time, we will see the effect, Forland responds in FHI.

– So far, the measures we need may be, and, as we have seen in many countries, they may be the main reason why we do not get the rapid doubling effect of this variant (Omigron). An increase in infection, Forland says.

He points out that Denmark, Great Britain and France are looking at infection records. At the same time, the number of infections in Norway has dropped dramatically in the past week:

The sharp drop in the number of people testing themselves last week is now part of the story.

– The usual thing is that after the holidays we reach the peak of epidemics, which may be due to people being more socially together and lagging behind in testing, says Forland.

NIPH: Omigron has not yet dominated the whole of Norway

Norway has now passed 10,000 proven Omigron cases.

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– Is the Omigron variant now dominating Norway?

– No, not in the whole of Norway, but we saw it dominating Oslo and advancing rapidly across the country. We see this doubling in 6-7 days, says Forland in the FHI.

– The infection curve is usually flat, but it rises to the omigron and goes down to the delta, he points out.

– When can Omigron dominate?

– We expect this to happen in a few weeks. This gradually increases and we see a doubling time of about six days. So if this continues, it will take less than two weeks, we must calculate, nationwide, the director of the FHI responds.

Correction: In the first edition of the weekly report for Week 51, the FHI wrote that samples from 449 of the 1245 corona prisoners were checked for omigron variation. The right thing is, 449 models No. Verified. 29. Bug fixed at 15.26 on 12.21.

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