Norwegian journalist arrested in Afghanistan

Norwegian journalist arrested in Afghanistan

A Norwegian journalist was among a group of Afghan and foreign journalists arrested in Kabul on Saturday. There was a demonstration for women’s rights.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Ane Haavardsdatter Lunde said: “We know that a Norwegian journalist is among those arrested.” NRK.

According to the Ministry of External Affairs, the journalists were detained for ten hours before being released.

They took him to the police station

NRK’s ​​Middle East correspondent Yama Wolesmal was also in Afghanistan on Saturday, but in another part of the country. He spoke to his Afghan colleagues who were arrested in connection with the demonstration.

– One of them told me that he was pushed by the Taliban. They took his camera and equipment and took him to the police station. They were detained there for a quarter of an hour. The pictures they took were deleted, and the local commander urged local journalists not to cover this kind of demonstration because he believed it would tarnish the country’s reputation, Vollasmal says.

was attacked

Around 40 women gathered in front of the Ministry of Education building in Kabul on Saturday morning, where they chanted “food, work and freedom”.

Several women were assaulted when the military intercepted the demonstration.

Taliban fighters stopped the demonstration by firing into the air. A few women who took shelter in nearby shops were chased away and beaten by soldiers with their butts.

The girls also brought a poster with the slogan 15. August was a dark day”. The Taliban seized power in Kabul a year ago on this same date.

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During their time in power, many girls and women have been denied education and others have lost their jobs. All women are ordered to cover themselves in public.

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