Norwegian politics and politics | This is what the newspapers wrote about politics on Friday, October 21

Norwegian politics and politics |  This is what the newspapers wrote about politics on Friday, October 21

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Take drastic action to cut CEO pay hurriedly (VG)
Jean-Christian Pfister establishes a new principle for the salaries of CEOs in state-owned companies: a senior manager should not receive a higher salary increase than employees – not in percentage – but in kroner and kroner. Read more

The government slows down the salaries of executives: – A shocking proposal (NRK)
VG writes that the government will stifle the salaries of managers in state-owned enterprises. – It is clear that the current government wants to bet on the middle level, says the investor. Read more

Management salaries: put it on the wall: – out of control (Dagbladet Borsen)
Many claim state executive salaries are rampant. A total of four directors of state-owned enterprises earn more than five million – and 40 of them earn more than the prime minister. Read more

We will take back Norway (daily)
The finance minister wants to buy back the country little by little. Vedum and the government are looking for new acquisitions on a large scale, and warn of a change in the law and a possible state takeover of private companies. Read more

Center Party: Nearly 3 billion salmon sent abroad last year (NTB)
Last year, foreign owners of Norwegian aquaculture facilities earned NOK 2.78 billion, according to calculations by the Center Party. “This overview shows that there are huge billions of dollars in profits disappearing outside the country from the big salmon companies,” says Sp Vice Leader Ola Borten Moe. Read more

ESA: Norway violates European Economic Area rules (NTB)
The European Economic Area Authority (EEA) believes that Norway is violating EEA rules on patients’ rights to hospitalization abroad. Esa believes, among other things, that Norway is breaking the rules in that the requirements for obtaining approved treatment abroad under the Patients Act are very stringent. It indicates that there is a need for the patient to document that treatment abroad is more effective than general treatment given in Norway. Read more

Naf calls for fuel subsidies for fossil car owners (NTB)
Naf calls for fuel subsidies for those who drive petrol and diesel cars and points out that electric drivers will get electric subsidies. Read more

Worst Ap score in 20 years (Nettavisen)
Ap and Sp continue to decline in Nettavisen’s October poll from Sentio. Labor is lagging the most, posting a record low of 18.1 percent (-1.0) support. – This is the weakest Labor survey since March 2002, CEO Arve Østgaard tells CENTEO for NetVision. The Center Party is also back from last month, approaching the threshold with a score of 5.2 percent (-0.2). It’s been seven years since the gig was measured too low in Sentio measurements. Read more

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The government stumbles on raising taxes (Leader, Dagbladet)
Norway needs more tax money from wind and hydropower. The government still has to remember that we also need more renewable energy. Read more

The government is tired of ‘boys picking boys’ – now it’s demanding Norwegian companies (today’s work)
The government wants state-owned businesses to set goals for how to work “systematically and according to plan” with equality, inclusion and diversity. So little happens from year to year that we simply have to get a little push on this, says Equality Minister Annette Trettbergstoen (AP). Read more

Green requirements for state-owned enterprises Follow Favorite
In an ownership notice filed on Friday, the government announced new green requirements for state-owned businesses. The green element already appears in the title of the message, “Ownership of a greener and energetic country,” which is being presented at Klimahuset in Oslo. Industry Minister Jean-Christian Pfister (AP) envisions special climate requirements and reporting obligations for 70 state-owned companies, but won’t go into details until the report is published. Today, 42 companies have such requirements. Read more

Norgesgruppen added towards increased political regulation: – It has already led to higher food prices (today’s work)
Kiwi owner Norgesgruppen believes that regulations notified about unfair price discrimination have hurt negotiations and led to higher prices. Did they lose their ability to negotiate overnight? Coop asks. Read more

Government purchase of Meraker Brug (Director Trygve Hegnar, Finansavisen)
The CHP’s parliamentary representative, Seifert Björnstad, is highly critical of state buying, saying, “This is a crazy priority by the government. While prices are accelerating for most people, they can’t afford lower taxes and fees, but they can afford it.” Bjørnstad believes the money should have been spent instead on most people. This criticism is a complete no-brainer. Read more

The Kindergarten Strike May Be Protracted – Well Supported by the Winds of the Political Left (comment by Anita Hoemsnes, Dagens Næringsliv)
Kindergarten strikes can be long. Employees want the pension they promised in an agreement in 2019. The employer believes the premise of the promise has been broken. Both are right. Read more

Russia’s ambassador to Norway believes that all imprisoned drone operators will be released soon (NRK)
Russia’s ambassador to Norway, Timuraz Otarovich Ramishvili, believes that the imprisoned drone pilots will be released and believes that Russian tourists are suspects. Read more

Slow: Deals seriously with the Audit Bureau’s criticism of correctional institutions (NTB)
The National Audit Office on Thursday came with serious criticism of the Correctional Service in a new report. Justice Minister Emily Inger Mehl says she takes criticism seriously. The Office of Financial Supervision is highly critical of the ministries responsible in its report on inmates’ health, training, and social welfare services in prisons. Read more

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The ministry received serious criticism: – Neglect (daily)
And the National Audit Office wrote in its latest report on prison inmates that many prisoners in prison are so sick that they should not be in prison, but in psychiatric hospitals. Read more

Øksnes in Vesterålen says no to Musk . antennas (NRK)
Elon Musk’s SpaceX is not allowed to build antennas for the Starlink satellite system at an abandoned school in Øksnes in Vesterålen, local politicians decided. A municipal technical committee voted unanimously on the plans on Thursday. Read more

EU countries enter into an energy agreement without a gas price cap (NTB)
EU leaders agree on an agreement that includes joint gas purchases and gas sharing among member states in the event of a gas shortage. EU countries do not agree on any gas price ceiling, but agree in return that the European Commission should submit a proposal for emergency brakes that could be used if there is a significant price development on the TTF gas exchange. – The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said at a press conference on Friday evening, that this should limit price volatility. Read more

EU President: We will negotiate with Norway on the price corridor (NTB)
EU leader Ursula von der Leyen said the EU will negotiate with Norway, the gas-powered country, over the price corridor. – The government does not sell gas, says the Minister of Oil and Energy. Read more

NATO’s bleak forecast for Europe: – The outcome will be totally unexpected (electronic newspaper)
Trump’s potential comeback and Putin’s nuclear threats were themes when Nubian held his annual symposium on military power. Read more

81.8 million NOK for Troms and Finnmark division (NTB)
The county council has decided to allocate NOK 81.8 million to divide Troms and Finnmark. “This is a discreet but realistic budget for what we see as projected costs in relation to the department,” says Provincial Council member for Economics and Culture Ronald Wyrence (Sp). Read more

Every fourth young Norwegian suffers from climate anxiety (
More than a quarter of young people in Norway suffer from climate anxiety, according to a study conducted in 28 countries. Among the Norwegian participants, 48 ​​percent said they were very concerned about the climate, while 28 percent said they were very concerned. Thus the last figure indicates that just over a quarter of them suffer from climate anxiety. The Finns view the matter in a more somber way; 65 percent are very worried, while 39 percent are very worried. The researchers say climate anxiety is primarily a result of information from the media. Read more

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Invisible Putin died (TV 2)
The Russian army suffered unusually heavy losses in Ukraine. According to leaked Russian budget documents, before the end of August, compensation was paid to relatives equal to nearly 50,000 people killed. The vast majority of them are from poor families in eastern Russia. Read more

Ukraine fears a Russian attack from Belarusian territory (NTB)
The Ukrainian authorities believe that there is an increased risk that Russia will launch a new attack on the northern part of the country from Belarusian territory. Read more

Is Putin pressing the nuclear button? (Published by Harald Liebich Naturist and textbook author) (Dagbladet)
Six factors indicate that nuclear weapons are unlikely to be used in Ukraine. Read more

Biden still promises close cooperation with Britain (NTB)
US President Joe Biden thanks outgoing British Prime Minister Liz Truss for her cooperation, including in dealing with the Ukraine war. Read more

British expert: New elections are possible – but within the limits of the Conservatives (NTB)
British political expert Jean-Eric Mostad believes the Conservatives have little interest in holding a new election, but thinks the pressure could be strong. Read more

News Agency: Only three are allowed to participate in the Tory leadership race (NTB)
The party decided that those who would take part in the battle for leadership of the Conservative Party in Great Britain must have the support of at least one hundred elected representatives. In practice, this means that only three candidates may participate in the leadership election, AFP writes. Read more

Navalny fears terrorism charges and 30 years in prison (NTB)
Alexei Navalny, one of Putin’s most prominent critics in Russia, says a new indictment is being brought against him that could lead to him serving 30 years in prison. Read more

US admiral: The US should prepare for the Chinese invasion of Taiwan (NTB)
The US military must be prepared to respond to a possible Chinese invasion of Taiwan. Perhaps already this year, the commander of the US Navy believes. Read more

White House: Iranian employees are helping Russia in Ukraine (NTB)
Iranian personnel in Russia-occupied Crimea are helping Russian forces conduct drone strikes against Ukrainian targets, according to the White House. Read more

Biden criticizes Republican proposal to cut aid to Ukraine (NTB)
US President Joe Biden has criticized Republican politicians’ proposal to cut more funding to Ukraine after the congressional elections. Read more

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