Norwegian politics and politics | This is what the newspapers wrote about politics on Monday, May 30th

Norwegian politics and politics |  This is what the newspapers wrote about politics on Monday, May 30th

318 diplomats received an additional salary to cover the housing tax Follow Favorite
Over the course of 13 years, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has spent NOK 240 million to cover the special housing tax for diplomats. A number of other government sector employers have been inspired by the State Department agreement. Last year, 19 state employers provided housing tax reimbursements to their employees. Since 2009, at least NOK 400 million of public funds have been used to cover housing tax for government employees abroad. Read more

Punishable by: – ​​Ideology of the upper class (dagbladet)
– This is not an expression of Nav’s positions, Nav responded regarding a controversial lecture from his agency’s chief consultant physician. – On the contrary, many employees of the Navy told Dagbladet. Read more

SV-topp is not afraid that NATO will split the party (dagsavicin)
SV will discuss its position in NATO next year. Rep. Torger Knang-Felixense does not think it will lead to a split. Read more

Reed Nordland criticizes the party’s ‘declaration of allegiance’ (NRK)
Reid wants their parliamentary candidates to sign a declaration that they must follow party politics. The county team in Nordland is very important. Read more

New bill: government will guarantee wages to Norwegian seafarers in Norwegian waters (NRK)
The government is now sending a new bill for consultation. The goal is to secure Norwegian wages for seafarers in Norwegian waters. Read more

Motorists can save thousands on the suspended Fornebu line (NRK)
If politicians drop Fornebubanen, Oslo’s fee increase will be cancelled. Many motorists will drop a large extra bill. Read more

Daisies let people push their way to the queue – The Cultural Council reacts aggressively (NRK)
As Norway’s first theme park, Tossenfried now sells expensive express tickets. – It helps to clarify the differences in society, says the Cultural Council in Oslo. Read more

Re-enters the rules of absence until the fall (online newspaper)
After the summer vacation, the government will re-introduce the usual high and high school absence rules. This means that students can no longer use self-declaration or confirmation from a parent to document absences for health reasons. Read more

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Ukraine does not answer: – Incomprehensible (dagbladet)
Norwegian doctors react strongly to the revelation of Norway’s claim to take in the wounded Ukrainians, but they haven’t said yes yet. I love working for free, says surgeon Odd Arild Agedal. Read more

LO leader doesn’t believe in pension uprising (NTB)
Retirement can be one of the most pressing issues at a LO conference. But leader Peggy Hessen Følsvik is convinced the main lines will stay. – I don’t think there will be a pension uprising, says Volsvik. Read more

LO Leader: – Climate goals must be fixed (NTB)
Fellesforbundet leader Jørn Eggum opens up to push toward a climate goal if the war in Ukraine drags on. Now LO leader Peggy Hessen is opposed to Følsvik. Read more

LO leadership advocates energy export – what is LO conference doing? (Commentary by Thomas Vermes) (ABC News)
The Center Party’s opposition to foreign cables is virtually dead. Now the LO management wants to deactivate the LO as well. Read more

Two politicians from the Millennium Development Goals are fighting for the mayor position in Oslo Follow Favorite
Eight years later, it’s time for the MDGs to take over as mayor of Oslo from SV, according to Roundup Ismail and Tom Christian Berger of the MDGs. They both signed up for the job. – I am so fond of my city that I would like to become mayor, if my party and the voters wanted it, says Ismail. Read more

Oslo will open for high-rise buildings up to 125 meters high (NTB)
To prevent Oslo from becoming “car-based”, the municipality is proposing to open high-rise buildings up to 125 meters high around Oslo S – and buildings up to 70 meters high elsewhere. Read more

Disagreement over electricity strategy in northern Norway (today’s work)
Energy producers in northern Norway disagree on whether new production should be built and whether the grid connection between northern and southern Norway should be improved. Read more

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Farmers earn more on grain than on milk (Countries)
Grain growers are getting a sharp increase in income in agricultural settlements for the year. Calculations show that income from cereals exceeds income from milk. Calculations from the Budget Committee show an income increase of just over NOK 300,000 for the so-called reference use. Read more

The construction industry will have more stringent climatic requirements (Countries)
The industry believes that construction projects should have more stringent climate requirements, which state that higher requirements can make industry in Norway more competitive. Read more

Powerless personal attack of the Millennium Development Goals (online newspaper)
When the extent of the disastrous management of the MDG city council members in Oslo is pointed out, the party’s municipal council representative, Arne Habeth, responds with personal attacks. Does he really do better than that? Read more

Your life as an oil investor (NRK)
Your money went into millions of salaries. She kept a life in the oil companies that never paid taxes. Read more

The ousted Polish ambassador beat the state in court (NTB)
The Oslo District Court has given ousted ambassador Oyav Miklepost full support in the dispute over security clearance with the state. Read more

The mayor accused of corruption will appear in court again (NTB)
Last year, former Nittedal Mayor Hilda Thorkildsen was acquitted of corruption charges in district court. On Tuesday, Thorkildsen must appear before the Court of Appeal for a new round. Read more

Norway changed the name of Belarus to Belarus (NTB)
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided, from now on, to invite Belarus to Belarus in solidarity with the democratic movement. Read more

The Swedish government will stop foreign funding for religious communities (NTB)
The Swedish government wants to end foreign funding of Swedish mosques and other denominations and hopes this will prevent attempts at extremism. Read more

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Study: The time of atonement is not critical (NTB)
A Swedish study showed that longer prison sentences do not reduce the risk of committing new crimes, but shorter sentences do not appear to have any such effect. Read more

Erdogan continues to say no to Swedish and Finnish NATO membership (NTB)
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he stood by his opposition to the membership of Sweden and Finland in NATO. Read more

Germany will spend 100 billion euros on defense equipment (NTB)
Germany’s government and opposition have agreed to spend 100 billion euros on renewing the country’s defense. The background is Russia’s war in Ukraine. Read more

Turks demand a challenge to Finnish politicians (NTB)
A study conducted by the news agency “STT” showed that Turkey’s demands for Finland for NATO membership are a hot spot for the eight parliamentary parties. Read more

Saudi Arabia appoints climate envoy (NTB)
Saudi Arabia has appointed a top diplomat as its first climate envoy. Read more

France condemns Iran’s seizure of two Greek tankers (NTB)
Iran’s seizure of two Greek-flagged oil tankers in the Persian Gulf is a “serious violation of international law,” according to France. Read more

Reuters: No agreement on banning oil imports (dagbladet)
EU governments failed to agree to a ban on Russian oil imports on Sunday. Negotiations will continue on Monday. Read more

Lavrov denies that Putin is ill (NTB)
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov rejects speculation that President Vladimir Putin is ill. No sign indicates this, according to Lavrov. Putin’s health and privacy are taboo topics that are almost never discussed publicly in Russia. Read more

Lavrov: Donbass is a top priority for Russia (NTB)
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that controlling the Donbass region is Russia’s top priority in Ukraine. Read more

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