Norwegian politics and politics | This is what the newspapers wrote about politics on Wednesday, November 2

Norwegian politics and politics |  This is what the newspapers wrote about politics on Wednesday, November 2

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Store warns against energy nationalism in Europe (NTB)
Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store (AP) fears that the energy crisis will lead to more people walking alone in Europe. Norway itself has been criticized for wanting to reduce energy exports. “In the critical situation we are in now, with rising electricity and gas prices affecting ordinary people, industry, workplaces and the economy, there is a risk that we will become more concerned with national conditions and how we secure our energy supply,” Page says. Read more

Crisis assessment of the government: Høgre and Frp with clear majority in Parliament (NRK)
A new opinion poll gave Hogra and Farb a clear majority in Parliament. The Labor Party got a new slate at the bottom of the slate, and the Center Party is nearing the blocking limit. Read more

H and Frp get the majority in the new poll. Sp approaches the blocking limit. Follow Favorite
Can we have a new Høyre/Frp government again in 2025? Erna Solberg refers to this as a “probable outcome” as the election result aligns with the latest Aftenposten poll. Read more

Accused of concealing emissions (daily)
Climate and Environment Minister Espen Barth Eddy takes a fake climate report in his bag to attend the climate summit, claims Finster leader Gorey Melby. She thinks electric vehicle emissions have been forgotten. – Wow, answers the Secretary of State. Read more

Tranabanken is scheduled to conduct an impact assessment of agriculture in the sea (NTB)
Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Björn Scheran (Ap) visited Lofond on Wednesday and announced that the area would be evaluated in terms of the impact of fish farming in the sea. Read more

The government opens the door to farming at sea – it can provide several thousand jobs (NTB)
The government will take a closer look at agricultural activity at sea. This could mean several thousand new jobs. Read more

In the fertilization ring in kindergarten (Dagbladet Bursen)
Rødt believes Kapital’s wealth list shows that custody operations are “big business”. – They live in their own world, the nursery owner replies. Read more

Ap-top in Bergen has had enough: – the government is pressing (VG)
In the previous period, the Health Council in Bergen sat in Parliament for the Labor Party. It is now targeting the Støre government: – It is private that a Labor-led government has chosen to lower the priority of basic social welfare services. Read more

Baneheia inspectors can come from abroad (NTB)
In the Baneheia case, Justice Minister Emily Inger Mehl (Sp) has warned of what could be the biggest law enforcement investigation of recent times. Read more

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One of the 58 complaints submitted to the committee passed (VG)
Of all the complaints made about the work of the readmission body, only one has sparked criticism. Read more

Listhaug hails the success of Sweden’s Democrats: – They have a lot in common (VG)
The Swedish Anti-Immigration Party has eased the tension, but it has had several Nazi controversies lately. The Frp leader distances herself from this, while at the same time saying that she has done a lot to weed out people who cross the line. Read more

Støre: Norway will not join the UN nuclear arms embargo (NTB)
Norway will not sign the United Nations Convention on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons as it was designed, Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store (AFP) said. At the same time, he argues that Norway is an observer of the treaty and participates in the meetings in which it is discussed. Read more

Very strange and annoying (VG)
SV believes that the Norwegian Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defense must get to the bottom of how the Norwegian special forces can arrest the wrong person without knowing it afterwards. Read more

Kristerson Store thanks NATO for its support (NTB)
Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Christerson believes that apparent NATO support from Norway has set the tone for many other allies. Read more

Jonas Gahr Støre is concerned about the interest rate: – Many people lie awake at night (VG)
Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store (AP) is concerned about the sharp increase in interest expenditures in Norwegian families. He says it will be a harsh winter. He tells us about the path he has chosen to pass people along. Read more

Nordland red reacts to interference from Moxnes (NTB)
The Nordland Rudet Nominating Committee responded to the interference of party leader Bjornar Moxsens in the local election process. Read more

Mayor Nettedale not running for re-election (clause)
Hilda Thorkildsen (AFP) will not seek re-election as mayor of Netedale in Romerecke. She was acquitted earlier this year in a corruption case. Read more

John Askeland (Spain) has been nominated for re-election as Provincial Mayor of Vestland (NTB)
The Center Party nominates John Askeland for re-election as mayor of Vestland. Read more

Oil fund invests billions in international tax refugees (Online on topic. Written by Editor-in-Chief Gunnar Stavirum, Netavizen)
Norway wants to be morally high-quality, but this is no more than we invest large portions of the pension fund in companies that are doing what they can to avoid taxes. Read more

They have a message for politicians who think they should “create jobs” (Commentary from Bård Bjerkholdt, Dagens Næringsliv)
As long as the politicians ensure good framework conditions, the jobs will come on their own. Read more

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Tax policy is taking us in the wrong direction. Too much oil, too few renewables (Posted by Sigrun Gjerløw Aasland, President of the Zero Environment Foundation) (Dagens Næringsliv)
The new tax on renewable energy slows the green transition. Part of the blame lies with the use of oil money. Read more

Not the time for union tactics, Bongo (Leader, Dagens Næringsliv)
As Ukrainian soldiers battle a brutal assailant on the battlefield, the Norwegian officer commander chooses to warn that the Norwegian soldiers may be tired because the level of preparedness has shifted to a degree. Read more

The troll has been released (Commentary by Shazia Majid, VG)
Twitter has been acquired by Elon Musk. And with him is one of the most important political platforms in the world. Now just fasten your seat belts. Read more

The greatest democratic challenge of our time (Norwegian discussion. By John Arne Moen, Netavizen)
The elections in Brazil were nerve-wracking to the end. The last word was hardly said. With this we feel the effects of the greatest democratic challenge of our time: pressure from lovers of authoritarian freedom. Read more

Coal power kills tens of thousands, nuclear power kills almost nothing (electronic newspaper)
An irrational fear that prevents nuclear power. The form of energy that can provide us with cheap electricity, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and save nature encroachment, according to realist and journalist Austin Heigdahl. Read more

He thinks the whole kindergarten strike is based on a hoax: – tricks by numbers (Oslo newspaper)
The National Private Kindergarten Association strongly opposes the strike and accuses the unions of “deliberate misleading” of kindergarten staff. This causes the reaction of employee organizations. Read more

Teachers’ new weapon: – We’ll hit more (daily)
Teachers don’t give up. Now they found a new weapon in the aftermath of the strike. Read more

Home Guard can stay in Kårstø until summer (Stavanger Aftenblad)
National Guard soldiers in Kårstø have been told that increased preparations will continue until at least January 10, but that their deployment plan will run into the summer. Read more

Unlocks to increase the Norwegian Air Defense (daily)
The war in Ukraine showed how important air defense is. Norway only has two anti-aircraft batteries today. Read more

Swedish politician resigns from all positions after his partner participated in a Nazi rally in Oslo (news filter)
The leader of the Swedish Democrats in the southeastern municipality of Boxholm, Max Fagerstedt (24), has resigned from all positions after initially refusing to distance himself from his partner’s Nazi involvement or northern resistance positions. Movement (DNM) – the organization that promotes violence and that marched in Oslo. Read more

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Denmark: 87 red mass assignments and possibly red majority, final results show (NTB)
Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen’s red bloc won 87 seats. It becomes clear after the vote counting in Denmark. If the red block gets two mandates from Greenland, the red block gets the majority. Read more

Boris Johnson travels to attend the climate summit in Egypt (NTB)
Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is due to attend the United Nations climate summit in Egypt, which the British press believes could make his successor Rishi Sunak turn around. Read more

British minister in difficult weather after an immigrant comment (NTB)
British Home Secretary Suella Braverman has described migrants arriving in the country in inflatable boats across the English Channel as an “invasion”. Now she is receiving cash. Read more

Erdogan will talk to Putin and Zelensky about the grain agreement (NTB)
Turkish authorities have said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will call his presidential counterparts in Ukraine and Russia in a bid to salvage the grain deal. Read more

Ukraine: – It has no defense against Iranian missiles (NTB)
A spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force said that Iranian long-range missiles transferred to Russia for use in the war against Ukraine pose a great danger. Read more

Magazine: Russian forces steal Ukrainian artworks and cultural treasures (NTB)
President Vladimir Putin has given Russian forces free rein to steal artworks and cultural treasures in annexed regions of Ukraine, according to The Art Newspaper. Read more

Right-wing extremists patrol ballot boxes with automatic rifles and military uniforms (Norwegian discussion. By Anders Magnus, Netavizen)
Republicans in Arizona are not satisfied with spreading Trump’s lies. Now they are attacking democracy itself. Read more

Italian government bans rave parties — critics fear curtailing freedoms (NTB)
The opposition in Italy is furious after the country’s new government imposed higher fines and prison terms for organizers and participants of illegal rave parties. Read more

South Korea: North Korea fired another missile (NTB)
South Korean President Yoon Seok-yeol called a meeting of the country’s National Security Council after North Korea launched a missile that landed in the Sea of ​​Japan on Wednesday. Read more

Israel: Election day polls point to Netanyahu’s bloc winning (NTB)
Election day polls indicate that former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s bloc could gain a majority in the Israeli National Assembly. Read more

Bolsonaro does not admit electoral defeat in Brazil, but leaves power to Lula (NTB)
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro did not publicly acknowledge defeat in the elections, but agreed to transfer power to election winner Lula. Read more

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