Norwegian Politics, Bjrn Goldwalk | Therefore, Norway is not as strict as non-vaccinated as Sweden

Norwegian Politics, Bjrn Goldwalk |  Therefore, Norway is not as strict as non-vaccinated as Sweden

– This is the personal responsibility of the individual, recalls Director of Health Bjorn Goldwalk.

Watch the video interview with Health Director Bjorn Goldwalk:

Congans Gate (Netavicen): The government fielded a high-profile group of health officials when they met with reporters on Friday.

Now the gospel was to be preached: Norway opens. From 4pm on Saturday, “normal days” await us.

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– But about a segment of the population, one in ten over the age of 18, who is not vaccinated?

We do not give specific advice like this, but I would advise those who have not been vaccinated to be a little more careful if they have a high infection in the area where they are, says Health Director Bjorn Goldwalk to Netvision in the video interview above.

– Those who are not vaccinated are the most vulnerable, he insists.

In Sweden, we would like to compare ourselves, the “Public Health Commission” clearly answers that there are no vaccinated people; Tighten, tighten and drop the “one meter”.

– Why is it not as clear as we are in Sweden, which explicitly states that those who are not vaccinated cannot expect normal daily life?

– This is an individual choice, I think everyone who has followed in Norway in the last six months knows that everyone has been vaccinated. So not getting vaccinated is an independent choice, then doing what is necessary to handle the situation and it becomes as personal a responsibility as possible, says the director of health.

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Watch the full interview with Health Director Bjorn Goldwalk here:

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