Norwegian Politics | Butcher editorial on Jens Stoltenberg

Norwegian Politics |  Butcher editorial on Jens Stoltenberg

“What should a woman with a doctorate in economics and extensive knowledge of Norges Bank fight with a man who bombed Libya?”

Thaksin Shinawatra has been assassinated Manager They start with Jens Stoltenberg as the “obvious” first candidate to become the new central bank governor, even at the expense of believing she is the best qualified woman.

And chief economists Agreed, But Tr தலைமைnderdebatt’s editor-in-chief praises the Liberal Party’s Sveinung Rotevatn. Early Suspicious of rumors.

– It is good that some politicians have the courage to think something about this. But I understand that it is difficult, and it is difficult because we should not have a politically controlled central bank. That’s why he tells Netavicen that it is important for Rotevatn to lift the debate on defending the independence of Norges Bank.

It all started with a source case Today’s business, If asked, who knows that the NATO leader will agree to become the new central bank governor.

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Central Bank Governor Øystein Olsen resigned in February 2022, and the government should appoint a new governor in the guise of Finance Minister Trigway Sloxwold. The Prime Minister is Jonas Gahr Støre Declared incompetent, Due to close acquaintance with Stoltenberg.

– Laughing campaign

A Editorial On Tuesday, Doxavisen argued that Stoltenberg should get the job – if he wanted to.

There they write that he should get a job before Deputy Governor Ida Walton Pache. Velan and others have ridiculed the reason for this on social media.

“It’s obviously unfortunate that a talented and experienced woman is systematically less qualified but excluded. But it can not stand in the way of the obvious truth: Norway can not get a better central bank governor than Jens Stoltenberg,” writes Taxivichen.

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In the Trønder debate, Velan did not leave the dust in killing the leader:

Snoring Velan: Pravda and eminent economists abruptly agreed

“Thaksin’s language is – without exaggeration – a ridiculous propaganda style that we can laugh at when it comes from the ancient communist states in the East.

– Thaksin will not make an exception for a former Conservative prime minister, so I do not think their arguments are in principle, he now tells Netizen.

Many have responded on Twitter as well.

– Slightly sloppy words

Political editor Lars West Johnson says they stand by their editorial even after criticism.

– Yes absolutely. We do not change our minds because we face some opposition. It should have worked. So we stand on it, yes.

– What do you think about all the criticism that it is unfortunate to exclude a talented woman but undeserving, but can not stand in the way of the obvious fact that Norway can not get a better central bank. Governor than Jens Stoltenberg?

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– The words there are a bit boring and simple. We have talked about this domestically as well. But the thing is, she definitely has a very strong, professional application, while Jens has other dimensions. We stand for that. Absolutely.

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– If you look at it academically, he’s more up to date than Jens, I think he graduated in the 80s. But the sum of his other qualifications and positions in the world gives him completely different strings to play with. That is our opinion.

– Snorre Valen believes the debate is a kind of test balloon in Stoltenberg use, where their leader becomes a comedic contributor to the PR campaign for Stoltenberg. Have you become part of the PR campaign to get Jens Stoltenberg’s candidacy?

– For whatever reason. We only react to the news image. I was sitting around the desk when the thought arose to write about Jens Stoltenberg’s candidacy, and I knew we were not exposed to the campaign or any part of the campaign. It falls into its own unfairness.

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West Johnson would not say whether he was himself, editor-in-chief Lars West Johnson or one of the commentators Hedge Ulstein, Kell Werner and Joe Moyne wrote the Predivian editorial.

– The chairman is the editor-in-chief and the political editor is responsible, who says if asked who wrote it.

– It’s often written by one of the staff in the feedback panel, and then it goes a little further, and everyone posts things along the way, and then there’s a text collaborated by an entire department.

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– Driver PR-Companion

This is how Velan reacts when Netavicen responds to West Johnson on Taxivision.

– I do not mean that Thaksin was a victim of a treacherous campaign, where they deceived me into writing a scary editorial about Jens Stoltenberg Memory The initiative runs the Panegeric PR campaign for Jens Stoltenberg.

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He compares it to the appointment of Nikolai Tangan as head of the oil fund Conducted as a luxury trip Among other things, the outgoing oil fund manager, and no one did Adequate depth testing Tanger before work.

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– After the appointment of Nikolai Tongan last year, it is surprising that Taxavicen has set aside other candidates who are more relevant and deserving, especially them. Self Indicates candidates they think are more qualified.

– Now Taxivision is not known to oppose more women in leadership positions, but is it a little common to have a better qualified woman along the way?

– Yes, it is damn classic that a woman should lead the way. But I think hiring a central bank governor should be a lot harder than this. Everyone benefits because it’s as boring a process as possible, Wallen responds

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