Norwegian Politics, Central Party | Rod-Mimir asks the Central Party to return cash prizes from the rich

Norwegian Politics, Central Party |  Rod-Mimir asks the Central Party to return cash prizes from the rich

Rod-Top believes that John Pahler and the Center will be affected by the cash prizes of millionaires and millions. Money comes without guidance, Behler responds.

Mimir Christensen, Rott’s leading candidate in Roland, is asking the Oslo Central Party to return three cash prizes from the rich, as well as no future concessions.

During the year, Oslo received the SP, led by John Pahler

  • 200,000 kroner of millionaire Christian Ringnes Aftonboston.
  • 100,000 investor, long-time conservative voter and columnist Online newspaperJohn Better Sissner writes Countries.
  • 200,000 from real estate millionaire and Pahler’s cousin Eric Pahler Countries.

Ringnes and Cisner presented gifts in support of Oslo politician John Pahler, who announced his transfer from the Labor Party to the Center Party last fall, while Eric Pahler called it quits. “Gift from the Pahler Family”.

– This does not apply to a popular party on the red-green side, Christzanson reports.

SP presents itself as a representative of ordinary people who are tired of the increased differences and centralization of power. But if they are to be victimized by some of the rich among us, I wonder if it is just rhetoric.

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The red politician believes on a general basis that parties should be told not to make such gifts.

– Political parties should not accept the gifts of the rich. This is because they will be emotionally or unconsciously affected by the money they receive.

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– They may be affected

He believes that parties accepting cash gifts from individuals may be affected by the wishes of donors.

No one will bite your hand that feeds you, so if you receive money from someone, it is hoped that you will follow a policy that protects their interests. I have a suspicion that Cissner and Ringness want to raise taxes for themselves.

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For example, he says it would be easier for the minister to hold a meeting after Ringnes and Cissner have made their contribution.

– How it works. When you run an election campaign at the expense of others, you have to do well that you do not want to do anything with them after election day. You are not controlled like a robot, but it is easy to hear the center party.

But LO money is good

– What should they do with the money?

– Return them or give them to the unions in the companies of Ringnus and Cissner. Maybe give them to charity. But from three of Norway’s richest people, I don’t think we should make a party on the red-green side.

For this year’s election campaign LO is given 15 million to the Labor Party, 5 million to the SV and 3 million to the Central Party. The FRP has called for prizes Political corruption.

Gunnar Storm: The LO supports the Labor Party’s election campaign and demands 860 million tax breaks on its own

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Christzanson does not have the same problem with this money.

– LO I think it is best to allow influence in Norwegian politics, but at the same time not to be dominated by monetary donations in Norwegian politics. There is a fundamental difference in the way a union with 900,000 members makes donations and the rich can nullify those gifts with personal contributions.

– But I would like to see that Norwegian politics is not dominated by large monetary donations.

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– How rich should one be so you don’t think it’s okay?

If you are on the Capital 400 list I think we can drop it, he says with a laugh after thinking for a while.

Ringnas is ranked 48th List of capital Eric Pahler is ranked 92nd out of the 400 richest people in Norway. Cissner is not on the list.

Pahler: – Without guides

John Pahler, the main candidate of the Central Party in Oslo, responds that he accepts party contributions without guidance. Thus, the money cannot be withdrawn.

We only accept election campaign contributions that come without guidance, and there are small and large contributions from people who have opened their eyes to how we want to make Oslo a safer city by saving Ulleval Hospital, establishing a gang unit, and providing for outsiders. Overhead practical work from day one.

– Our policy is determined by the members of the Central Party. We care about our honesty and are happy for everyone who supports us, no matter what community group they belong to. Fortunately, we have full public transparency about party support in Norway, precisely to prevent it from leading to a different treatment of donors, Buhler says.

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– Support for cases such as removing electric scooters from the sidewalk, establishing an exit plan for gang offenders and local police workplaces gives us more opportunity.

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In any case, we will have far less money for our campaign than the Labor Party and the Conservative Party, so we greatly appreciate every contribution. What this means is that we in the central party in Oslo, which has little resources, have more opportunity to present ourselves to the electorate.

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