Norwegian politics, corona measures | What’s the plan now, Jonas?

Norwegian politics, corona measures |  What's the plan now, Jonas?

Are we supposed to cover ourselves with a bunch of local corona measures all winter long?

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(Northern Norway discussion)

It is clear and obvious that the Corona winter will be difficult this year as well. This may apply to the whole country. But Tromsø came out first with an increase in infections. So we will be the first to end up in the queue with our local regulations and measures to reduce infection.

People are confused. They are bored. But the Norwegians followed the national procedures for a long time, faithfully and without much rebellion. We will follow local procedures as well.

But I come forward to the question – what’s the plan really? In other words, we can handle both home office and table service in nightclubs. This does not vent the frustration.

But local measures, rooted in infection control regulations, are restrictions on people’s freedom. It is not entirely inconceivable that residents think they deserve confirmation that there is an idea behind what we are doing now.

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Another thought to be late in emergency preparedness.

That’s why I’m asking you, Jonas, and not just Engfield, though she seems like a skilled health minister. You are the head of business, health, cultural and sports life, transportation and education: What’s the plan?

So: Is the plan that we should do like the UK and have a patchwork quilt with regional regulations? In England, the vaccination rate is lower and the incidence and mortality rate is much higher than in Scotland. But there is also a difference in requests – in Scotland there are stricter procedures. At the same time, business is doing better in England, because people can do as they please.

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Is the plan we should have like this too? Those parts of the country should have a thriving business community while others should lay people off? Then you have to be big enough and even the differences.

Is the plan that we will do like France and Italy and impose a certificate of vaccination for different activities? Both have far fewer infected per 100,000 noses than Norway does today. But there, people burn union offices and take to the streets to protest.

It is not for us here in the north. But the gods must know that some unvaccinated health workers who show up at work in nursing homes make their blood boil.

Is the plan that we’ll get a third dose of the vaccine like they did in Israel, and plan in Sweden and Denmark? We’re seeing little by little they’re starting with health professionals and those over 65 in this country, and that means they think it’s having an impact. Several research reports show that the immune response to a vaccine decreases over time.

But I don’t know, I know. I am a cormorant and not an epidemiologist. Is it really the plan we’ll all get on a third dose in the long run? Are you holding back a little? why?

Discuss and explain the task, as it was called when you went to school.

Is the plan that those running the affected industries in Tromsø will now be compensated? Those who engage in tourism, nightlife, cultural life and city life. Should they be compensated for lost profits?

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And also who follows the conscience and cancels the events, and is consistent with the recommendations and not only the organizational procedures?

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Those who don’t have the heart to lead even though they are already allowed, but want to take a stand for the sake of society where others refuse (unwillingly vaccinated, that’s you I’m talking about).

Should they bear the cost of this themselves?

Is the plan that we’ll have local procedures, until we get on a plane out of town? And when we get off that plane in Bergen, Oslo, and Kristiansand, will we be free birds in the city? Last year restaurants in Tromsø made good profits from people who had Christmas dinner here.

Maybe we’re supposed to restore the service?

Is the plan that we are going to strengthen this health care system, get more hands-on training, and pay better people in full-time jobs to get to work and care for patients? Shouldn’t we put them through a forced wage board when they first start striking, but actually pay what it costs them to have a real proper preparation?

So that the rest of the business and volunteer community don’t stop and have to decipher the tribal language of the tax administration, Nav, the Cultural Council, of every compensation scheme in place.

Is it meant to allow children to get infected as long as the infection spreads slowly enough?

Are local regulations enforced where it becomes too bad for hospitals to deal with proliferation? Many parents I talk to believe this, but few would dare to ask this question in public. They are afraid of what the answer will be. and accused of conspiracy.

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I ask Jonas, because it does not apply to what we are told now. We are confused.

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We take volunteer work here in town, we’re good at it. And we trust the authorities, we are fortunate that way in this country. But is the intention to have a patchwork of procedures, where compensation has to be disputed from village to village?

If so, get the job straight.

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