Norwegian Politics, Hadia Tajik | Tajik case plunges into war headlines: Has she been saved by Putin?

Norwegian Politics, Hadia Tajik |  Tajik case plunges into war headlines: Has she been saved by Putin?

Is Recent episode The Adresseavisen podcast OmAdressert highlights two key issues: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the storm of passenger housing surrounded by Minister Hadia Tajik (Labor). “Should she go or was she saved by Putin?” They ask.

– Now that Putin is coming, what he is doing – there is war in Europe – I thought in my head that it would save Tajik. “We forget the Tajik case,” says Roy Tommy Bratton, a journalist on the podcast.

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– Political editor Shiv Sandwick responds that at least it contributes to a lack of focus on the subject.

Together with commentator Terje Eidsvåg, they decide that Tajik will probably survive as a minister, unless otherwise specified.

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They conclude that if he had been a NAW minister – as he is now – and not a political adviser, he would have resigned as a minister when he was given something unused to avoid paying taxes to commuter housing in Oslo. Especially if it is established that the contract has expired.

Many came up with the idea

On social media, many have noticed that Putin and Tajik have moved to the top of the front pages of the newspaper.

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– Voters want it in their minds

Network editor-in-chief Gunnar Stavram says some of the dynamics in the case have disappeared since the outbreak of war in Ukraine.

– Although the cases have lost momentum in an international event like the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the commuter housing cases are a scratch for Hadia Tajik.

But he pointed out that the case would not end for that reason.

– Tax-free commuter housing for the remaining four years, Tajik now claims to be paying taxes. And for the past three months, travelers’ homes have been failing.

Gunner Storm: Hadia Tajik has shown bad judgment and provocative humility

Recent revelations place an elite in a major case of politicians who seek personal gain for themselves by misinterpreting Tajikism or violating the rules.

Stowram concludes that the case will be remembered by voters.

– Voters may have noticed problems, and may want to keep them in mind the next time he talks about discipline in his working life.

Clear results

– Elin Strand Larson, an associate professor from பல்கலைக்கழகstfold University College to Netavichen, says that what is happening in Ukraine will drown everything.

The commuter housing universe has been a media issue for a long time because some people may be bored and she thinks it will help Tajik.

– Two things contribute to the fact that it did not have such great consequences for Tajik. Since he already has a solid political reputation, he can relax a bit.

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Strand Larson teaches and researches in the field of media and journalism, among other things, researching political corruption.

– Do you think the case was drowned out because Tajik was told to pay voluntary taxes or mostly for other reasons?

– This is mostly for other reasons. If the invasion of Ukraine had not taken place, I think he would have come after more passenger housing cases, which means many people might be tired of this case, I do not think it would have helped alone – especially if she had not left first.

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– Some will say that giving back is a kind of guilt, that you got a tax deduction that you should not have received, says Strand Larson, who recorded that he had no big votes to resign as a minister. So she could sit safely.

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