Norwegian Politics, Hadia Tajik | Thunder after revelations about Hadia Tajik:

Norwegian Politics, Hadia Tajik |  Thunder after revelations about Hadia Tajik:

Nerves in the Ukraine-Russia conflict characterize the news week, but the possible tax evasion case of Labor Deputy Leader and Minister of State Hadia Tajik (38) continues.

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“For 12 years I have chosen not to have a travel home. The exception is three months in 2019. Aftenposten is now trying to create a scandal out of this, Tajik launched his Facebook post on Friday night.

This led to several days of heated debate with Aftenposten editor Trine Eilertsen, who closed VG’s case on Sunday, offering Tajik a tax-free passenger home in 2006 with a contract he had never used.

Sporting Representative Alfred Bijorlo (v) did not show mercy in his verdict on Tajik:

“Is the Hadia Tajik case serious?” Compare Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: no. Compare that to other instances of politicians stretching the rules for their own financial gain: yes. Then this is one of the most serious cases, ”he wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

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– Very special

The online newspaper with Bjørlo on Wednesday afternoon followed suit.

– Why do you think this is one of the most serious problems of politicians who exploit the benefits that have been revealed?

– First, he seems to have put forward a fictitious agreement to get a tax-free home: first he gets no, then he puts forward the connection of providing tax-free home ownership. The deal does not appear to have been genuine, Bezorlo told Netizen.

– That, he notes, is very special.

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– No nav client escaped

According to Bjorlo, none of the other cases have caused such controversy:

– I don’t think any other cases that have been rolled out can point to anything similar. “I could have made a fictitious deal, but I still deserved it …” No Nav Client escaped – Bijorlo says – referring to Tajik’s living expenses with his parents.

Bjørlo reacts strongly to the following Quote given to VG:

“For the past 12 years, I have chosen to pay for my own home in Oslo, but I can easily request a passenger accommodation,” says Tajik.

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– It makes me yawn. It is completely incomprehensible that he “sacrificed himself for the taxpayers” and could easily claim free housing for a period of time, he was selected for Oslo (2009-2017) and had an apartment here. This is completely unreasonable, he thunders.

No need to talk about the case

The timing of his plot astonishes Bijoura:

– Shortly before the case is published on VG, Tajik launches a violent attack on Affenboston – to distract us. She gets all the attention for her disagreement with Aftenposten, instead of responding to potential tax evasion, discusses it in Politisk Kvarter.

– What do you think of Tajik’s way forward?

– Now Hadia must be open, answer the questions she asks and stop with the political cycle.

– Can Tajik continue as Minister?

– This is not a topic right now, I’m not taking a stand on it.

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Loses hope

– Being a politician at the moment is a bit embarrassing, says Conservative Mahmoud Farahmond when he calls Netavisen and asks what they think of the Tajik case.

– The sum total of everything that appeared this fall is now diminishing confidence in politicians and democracy. Farahmond, who sits on Storting’s finance board, is now very thin.

– It is unfortunate that, among other things, foreign players are trying to build our confidence. Then it is the job of our politicians to re-create trust.

Fahrmond, a former intelligence officer, points out the hacks of Sorting and Russia’s political interference in the United States. In the United States, large-scale misinformation is being spread online and on social media with the aim of breaking trust between Russians, politicians and political opponents.

– Then we should not help them along the way, says the conservative man.

Tajik hopes to apologize

– You did not mention the name Hadia Tajik now. What do you think of her use of commuter housing and the way she described herself?

– If everything that comes out in that case is true, I think we as politicians are sorry for democracy.

– Should he resign as Minister of State?

– I have no opinion on that.

Chronology: Hadia Tajik: Tragedy like hell

– You say you need to build trust again. How to build it?

– We as politicians must be better at accepting responsibility for the actions we take and the decisions we make. We are human beings and make mistakes, but we must be good at admitting mistakes. Some were honest and apologized and tried to make up for it. It commands respect.

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Store: – The answer is yes!

The online newspaper on Tuesday asked Prime Minister Jonas Gardner (Labor) the following question:

– Do you still have full confidence in your Deputy Minister Hadia Tajik?

– The answer is yes!

– How do you rate the cases detected this weekend?

– No, I have no comment on that.

– When are you going to comment on them a little more?

I have no plans for that, I have some other things at the top of the agenda.

Hadia Tajik tells Network that she does not want to exercise her right to respond.

Another newcomer to the cast this fall is former KrF leader Kjell Ingolf Ropstad. Watch the interview with him here:

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