Norwegian Politics, Mamir Christ Johnson | Mimir Christzanson drastically slashed his salary as a starting politician

Norwegian Politics, Mamir Christ Johnson |  Mimir Christzanson drastically slashed his salary as a starting politician

The red politician must address a thirsty pay cut.

The party recently held a by-election with nearly 135,000 votes and made a good difference on the threshold with 4.7 percent support. As a result, Jorner Moxness will no longer be the sole swallower of the party in Sorting. He is now joined by seven other party colleagues. Mimir Christzanson is one of them, but unlike his colleagues who expect a pay rise, the Stavanger politician will drastically reduce his salary in the coming years.

– I did not enter to make money. I could have done it almost for free. Now we have a party tax on the rod, which means no one in Sorting can earn more than 680,000 kroner a year. This is a good salary, so I have no reason to complain, when I have enough to put food on the table, says by phone to the Redcoat Netavison from a holiday trip in Spain.

This is Rotin’s new parliamentary committee:

* Bizarnar Moxnus

* Mary Snew Martinuson

* Mimir Christ Johnson

* Shekar Aydar

* Sophie Marhock

* Tobias Treveland Lund

* Hake Bay Naiholt

* Hanne Liz Fossing

Source: NTB

The party tax referred to by the 35-year-old is based on red politicians in Norway earning the average salary of full-time employees and earning an additional 20 per cent. For party leader Bizarre Moxness, the vice-president has an additional 30 percent. However, this amount is much lower than the annual salary of Sorting politicians NOK 987,997. So the place here goes straight to the Rotten Party box office.

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– I think everyone at Starting should earn less, one thing I would suggest, Christzanson insists.

Million salary

The average annual salary in Norway in 2020 is NOK 608,160The red politicians in Storting will still have salt in the porridge, but for Christzanson there will be less confusion than usual.

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This year I have done a lot of work for free, so it is difficult to calculate how much I have earned so far, but last year I earned about 1.2 million. I have a sole proprietorship where I have done various things. I was “farm celebrity” and I made money as a bookworm and politician. It is important to note that I have received some scholarships through my many years of freelance activities, says the red politician.

Book revenue

The 35-year-old said it was not too long before he finished his book on John Michelott, and there will be a sounding coin in checkout with sales of books and tours later this year.

– I have already received a fee of 150,000 kroner for the tour this fall. Then I can apply to the party if I give everything back to the party, or if I give everything to charity. Personally, I hope it can be donated to charity, says Christzanson.

He also adds:

– I hope I can keep the income I received before the Sorting seat. Michael wrote the book before I got into starting. I can ask the Central Committee in Rhodes if I can keep the income. If I earn more in that book, I will pay a lot anyway.

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Strong pay rise

However, the situation was different for Christz Johnson’s Red colleagues in Storting. More people will enjoy more than doubling their annual salary. One of the wheel’s representatives is Tobias Treveland Lund. He was unable to begin his undergraduate studies at UiO before becoming one of the elected representatives. For the new student and now the MP, the new job will lead to a huge pay rise.

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Sehgar Aydar (32) can expect more money in the account in the future.

– In practice, there is nothing special about a pay rise, the rod party has a tax plan, which means I will earn about NOK 57,000 a month before tax. For us, a moderate wage level is important to avoid attracting people who want to become politicians for their own gain, in addition, the distance between the best politicians and the regular wage earner should not be too great. Rod believes that the salaries of starting politicians are too high, and has repeatedly proposed moderate cuts in the hope of getting more parties with us. The proposals have mostly received only Rott’s votes, the Rod politician recently told Netavision.

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