February 4, 2023


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Norwegian Politics, Tax Commission | NRK studio tax dispute: – Taxes must be increased

On Monday at 10 am, the Tax Committee presents its report on how to improve the Norwegian tax system. Many are excited about what the committee will propose, and at Politisk kvarter on NRK on Monday morning, politicians held the debate.

Roudt believes that the right wing has been allowed to set the terms of the tax system for too long.

– For several decades, it was the case that every time the right had power, he used it well and lowered the tax level, and then we had Labor-led governments that promised to protect that tax level, said Ruddett’s fiscal policy spokeswoman Marie Sniff-Martinussen, in discussion.

The tax committee is headed by economics professor Ragnar Torvik from NTNU, and their work lasts a year and a half.

Watch the video from the NRK debate:

– Go to the right

Rødt believes that tax policy has moved step by step to the right.

– We also have a tax settlement from 2016 where the Labor Party and the Center Party have stuck to the right, Martinussen said in Politisk kvarter, including cuts in corporate tax and a discount in wealth tax for those who own shares, he added:

– Then something very gratifying happened last year, a turning point in tax policy – that the current government has changed direction and for the first time in a very long time in Norway we have increased the level of taxation. This has given us room for more luxury.

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She believes that a new compromise in Parliament on taxation should take place on the left in Norwegian politics:

– This way we get more money to finance social welfare, not least to secure the incomes of many people who are having a hard time before Christmas now, said the politician Rødt.

In the previous Storting tax settlement, SV stood outside, while Ap and Sp agreed with the four bourgeois parties.

– The Kingdom should contribute more

Martinusen has no doubts about who should pay more taxes, namely the richest in Norway.

– she stated in the NRK debate on those who have the most contribution.

AP fiscal policy spokesperson Frode Jacobsen agreed that there is a need to look at various aspects of the current tax system.

– That’s why I’m excited about what’s to come today. There are smart people who have sat together and put forward proposals for changes to the tax system which we hope will have a redistributive effect and even differences, but at the same time we also stress that in Norway we must create values ​​and not just share them,” Jacobsen said.

He believed that it was important to facilitate growth, and that work should be paid for.

– There are many considerations to be taken into account, and I think it is important that we have a tax system that stands the test of time – and that there is broad political agreement in Parliament, the AP politician said.

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– Not as high as possible

Jacobsen also maintained that those who have more should contribute more to society.

– But the goal in itself is not to make taxes as high as possible. We must have a tax system that helps fund our common welfare. It also has other functions, such as creating jobs and value. So, he said, there are different jobs that I think we and Rod think about a little bit differently.

The FRP’s fiscal policy spokesman, Hans-Andreas Lemme, believed instead that taxes should be cut further.

What has been a strength in Norway, Lemme said, is that there have been broad compromises on tax changes, and this creates predictability for those affected by tax changes – primarily the business world, and addressed the government:

– Now, in fact, the Labor Party and the Center Party, with the help of the SV, have cut off from this vision. Currently, tax increases are being implemented both in this year’s budget as well as in next year’s budget. Only days passed before we got a recommendation from the tax commission. He said you can ask yourself what is left to settle.

Limi believes that large tax increases should be reversed, and that one should look particularly at the wealth tax and how the tax system is changing from taxing work and income to having a different tax structure with a different basis.

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The Tax Committee was set up by the Solberg government to carry out a comprehensive review of the tax system. Finance Minister Vedom gave the Tax Commission additional authorization on December 8, 2021.