Norwegian politics, the Nett på . case

Norwegian politics, the Nett på . case

Internet is at the heart of the matter These are the comments written by Nettavisen Editor-in-Chief.

Russian security forces stormed the house of the editor of the Russian TV, Marina Ovsiannikova (43 years old), and raided it. The background is that she appeared on the air of TV Channel One with a poster protesting the war of aggression against Ukraine.

According to a lawyer for the human rights organization OVD-Info, the security forces kicked the doors of her house, accusing her of spreading false information about the Russian armed forces.

The war in Ukraine is a taboo in Russian public opinion, and therefore the so-called false information is brutally punished.

It is an old lesson that truth is the first casualty of war, but the brutal suppression of dissidents and dissidents in Russia is still relatively unique in a developed country.

Here you can watch the actions on Russian TV – and the video previously recorded by the reporter:

When Ovsyannikova appeared on air with a war protest on March 14, she was arrested and isolated by the police. The next day she was fined by the court. Perhaps the fact that the first reaction was very moderate was due to the participation of French President Emmanuel Macron personally.

In July, the brave journalist was again arrested and fined for a speech she gave in connection with the trial of politician Ilya Yashin. In August, she received another fine for posting anti-war posts on Facebook.

Here you can read more: Marina Ovsyannikova, a former employee of Channel One, was searched

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Dictatorship to war of aggression

Every day Russia continues its deadly war of aggression against Ukraine, the impression is reinforced that the country has moved from an emerging and modern democracy to a dictatorship that uses aggression as a tactic.

With each passing day, the conflict deepens and a return to some form of normality in relations with Russia seems more and more unlikely.

The loser will be the Russian people, who will be hit financially hard by Western sanctions and who will be denied basic human rights such as freedom of expression and free elections.

Solidarity from the Western media

By acting against Marina Ovsianikova, Putin’s security forces are launching a new attack on democracy and freedom of expression. After Ovsyannikova had to leave Channel One, she worked as a freelance journalist for the German Die Welt.

– She is a symbol of the Russians who live in cognitive dissonance – they know the Western world, but they live in a system that must collapse in order to create the freedom to live like the West. So we think we should be open to people who have decided not to participate in the system anymore, Die Welt’s editor-in-chief, Ulf Poschardt tells Politico.

The message she conveyed to millions of television viewers was: “Stop the war.” Do not believe the advertising. They are lying to you here.”

Since then, thousands of Ukrainian civilians have been killed in the war of aggression and every day young Russian soldiers are being repatriated in coffins from a conflict that has brought relations between Russia and NATO back to the Cold War.

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The truth became a crime.

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