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En mann i oransje overlevingsdrakt og med gul hjelm står på et svaberg , holder seg fast i et grønt tau, til venstre i bildet sjøsprøyt oppover berget i retning mannen

The main rescue center announced on Twitter that the man had been found at 15.10:

“The Swedish Sea Rescue Service has confirmed that the missing person’s boat has been found. The plaintiff was also pronounced dead locally in connection with the accident. Discoveries made in #Norra_Väderöarna. Attempt ends ».

– I called Sola (Hovtredningscentralen Sør-Norge, editor’s note) immediately after he was found, at 14.36, says Anders Lanholm, head of rescue at the Swedish Rescue Service for NRK.

The boat was found an hour and a half before it was found. Then they lay upside down.

– It was slightly below sea level, so it was difficult to see. The wind picked up on the coast and the boat drifted inland. We saw early on that this was the right boat because it had some unusual signs.

Light on the ground

As the boat drifted ashore, it is possible that he came ashore. So, they ordered a helicopter from the primary rescue center, which applied with a thermal camera.

– Finally we sent the divers. Lanholm says he was later found inside the boat.

The man whose body has now been recovered is from Fredrikstad. He left Hvalar on Wednesday morning. On Thursday morning he was in Krebstad, Sweden. This is the most reliable information about him and the position of the boat before he was found.

– There was a storm in the area, and waves up to six meters high. Of course it’s hard to say for sure, but the result suggests the boat has capsized.

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Relatives have been informed

He was going to Skagen, but it was windy and high seas. Lars Nilsson, head of air rescue at the Swedish Sea and Air Rescue Center in Sweden, said.

– As we wrote on Twitter, what can I say, he was found in a boat accident, Hovedredningsentralen tells NRK.

The main rescue center did not speculate on what caused the boat to capsize.

– He was found on an island, one last thing to say before he spoke to the operator at the main rescue center in southern Norway.

Relatives have been informed.

She was reported missing on Friday

The man was reported missing by his family on Friday afternoon. The first thing that was done was to try to communicate via radio and mobile to the Norwegian and Swedish coasts, said Owe Frøland, head of rescue at HRS Southern Norway.

The lifeboat from Hvalar searched several islands. Their crews were also ashore on several small islands to search for the man there.

A Norwegian rescue helicopter and a Swedish coastal surveillance aircraft were patrolling the waters between Norway and Sweden on Friday afternoon and evening.

New Searches Saturday

A Norwegian rescue helicopter was involved in the search on Saturday. They searched both on the Norwegian side and towards Fjällbacka on the Swedish side.

A Swedish Coast Guard aircraft is also involved in the search. Sjöräddningssällskapet Fjällbacka area is out by boat and light.

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