January 27, 2023


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Norwegian Tipping, Property | Harstad woman wins NOK 8.2 million on Christmas Eve: – Now I can take a taxi

As Christmas rang, the lotto machine at the Hamar was ready to draw seven numbers. The numbers drawn made two people lotto millionaires. They got seven straight and thus shared the lotto pot. Each of them won exactly NOK 8,266,660.

NOK 8.2 million under the Christmas tree

A 48-year-old woman from Harstad and a man from Trøndelag are two lucky people with seven straight lines.

The lucky ones from Harstad celebrated Christmas Day with their children and grandchildren, but just before the 20th, the celebration was interrupted by a call from Norsk Tipping. Before Norsk Dipping could reveal why we had called, the woman began to cry.

– I think I’m going out, she hiccupped.

– Congratulations, you’ve become a Lotto Millionaire! You have won NOK 8.2 million.

– Drink the cat, the woman exclaims, followed by laughter, cries and total cheers from the family at the reception.

– Now I will help all children to buy a house. I am also going to buy a house. This is wonderful news and she is delighted.

– Can buy a taxi

The woman had actually planned to go home early Saturday evening, but the visit may be longer than planned.

– We might have to pop the champagne. I could actually buy a taxi home now, jokes the latest Lotto millionaire.

She bought the coupon through Norsk Tipping’s app.