Norwegian travelers are interested in the duty-free offer at Norwegian airports

Norwegian travelers are interested in the duty-free offer at Norwegian airports

If you’ve recently traveled from abroad to Norwegian airports, you may also be annoyed by the empty shelves at duty-free shops.

Many travelers have noticed that on the website of the duty-free market store it is stated that the goods they want to buy are in the store, but they received a counter-notice upon arrival in Norway.

The site wrote that this led to complaints Fly Smart 24.

Avoid shopping

An angry Haugesund traveler sent a stern complaint to Oslo Airport where he wrote, among other things, that he had on six occasions tested that the goods he searched for via the site were not on the shelves. This resulted in a deliberate avoidance of any action.

The Director of Communications at Travel Retail Norway, Haakon Dagestad, apologizes to the many who have encountered empty shelves, and promises improvement.

Customers should be able to trust the information on the site, he tells Flysmart24.

due to errors on the site

According to Dagestad, incorrect information on the site should be linked to switching Internet providers. The change was supposed to result in websites showing inventory in an online “click and collect” store, not shelf items.

– In addition, there have been special times now that they are sold out more than usual. Customers can expect this to improve. We are working on the site, and hopefully the global supply situation will slowly but surely be brought under control, says Dagstad.

At the same time, travelers who cannot find the goods they have seen on the site are asked to contact the service. They have the opportunity to pick up goods from the online store “Click and Collect”, which is actually located a few floors below the duty-free shop at Oslo Airport.

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