Norwegian YouTube star (18) dies: – I hope he will be remembered for the good things he did

Norwegian YouTube star (18) dies: - I hope he will be remembered for the good things he did

Brother Jodi Daniel and Simon Anderson have become a well-known couple on both YouTube and TikTok. The duo has over 58,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel.

There, among other things, they spread the word about the two brothers’ rare disease, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and worked to prevent bullying.

On Friday, Daniel passed away peacefully after being very ill and spending several weeks in the hospital, according to the family.

Thank you for your cooperation

Daniel’s brother Simen Anderson shared the death on Facebook.

– Today unfortunately came the day we were all dreading and Daniel slept peacefully in the Intensive Care Unit at Skyne Hospital. Fortunately, Chimen writes, he had no pain in the hours before he fell into a peaceful sleep.

Thank you for your recent messages and support.

TV 2 discusses the death and quotes the Facebook message in consultation with the brothers’ father, Bjorn Gunner Andersen.

– It hurts when children see bad times

Daniel and Simon’s father, Björn Gunnar Andersen, tells TV 2 that the reports of support the family has received after learning of the death have been overwhelming.

– I’m starting to realize how big a mark we’ve made, he says.

– I am very proud of both Simen and Daniel, now that Daniel passed away due to illness. As a father, it is painful to see children sick, and when the road back became so difficult, it was the right thing for me to let Daniel go,” Anderson says.

The family faces a difficult time without Daniel.

– It will be infinitely more difficult for us to go around without Daniel, but I believe that he will be remembered for all the good things he did, Andersen says.

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says Helen Omland, Daniel’s mother Telemark Newspaper That Daniel will be greatly missed. He’s a tough guy, and he’s been through a lot of tough stuff, says Omland.

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