Norwegians should pay Viaplay more for the Premier League – VG

Norwegians should pay Viaplay more for the Premier League - VG
On the new channels: Viaplay has acquired the rights to the English Premier League from TV 2. Erling Braut Haaland and Virgil van Dijk will appear there.

It is clear that the price of Viaplay’s subscription to the Premier League is higher in Norway than in Sweden and Finland.


– Every market is different and we adjust our offer accordingly. We always aim to provide a relevant and engaging service to our viewers wherever we operate. In both our local Nordic markets such as Norway, and in our newer markets such as the Netherlands, says Børge Nielsen, Commercial Director at Viaplay Norway.

This is the monthly subscription price where you can stream the Premier League – According to E24’s currency calculator:

  • Viaplay Norway: 649 Norwegian kroner (NOK)
  • Viaplay Denmark449 Danish Krone = 603 NOK
  • Viaplay Sweden449 Swedish Krona = 432 Norwegian Krone
  • Viaplay Finland: 39.99 euros = 400 Norwegian kroner
  • Viaplay Holland13.99 EUR = 140 NOK

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Rights and price of the sports package in Norway with the English Premier League.

Viaplay’s rights offering is much the same in Norway, Sweden and Finland with NHL, winter sports, Formula 1, golf, the European League and the Bundesliga, among others.

Viaplay Denmark It stands out the most, showing, among other things, the Superliga and the Champions League.

Paul Christian Muller, the supportive leader of Norway’s Liverpool fan club, points out that the Norwegians also paid more for the Premier League than neighboring countries when TV2 owned the rights.

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– Of course, it’s something we don’t like. We have built the fan culture in a very different way from other countries and there is a huge culture of English football here. Mueller says it looks like we’re being punished a little bit for that.

Lasse Gimnes lectures at the GimCom on sports rights and was Director of Communications at TVNorge. He maintains that he does not know Viaplay’s pricing background, but notes that the massive interest and commitment to English football in Norway is greater than elsewhere in the Nordic countries.

– In addition, there are also very expensive rights, and those who sell rights know how to price Norway highly in the Premier League market. They know that the Norwegian and Norwegian players are very willing to pay. I believe this was also part of the negotiations to buy the Norwegian PL package, Gimnes continues and continues:

Lacey James.

Although it was a package price, different Scandinavian markets were rated differently with regard to commitment, interest and willingness to pay. It is not only rights buyers who know about the Norwegian PL market. So does the rights seller. This also contributes to making the price higher in this country.

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He points out that the high interest in Haaland in Norway is also increasing the market value of the Premier League in that country – just like TEnjoyed V 2 then Ole Gunnar Solskjær He runs Manchester United.

– Large profiles boost the market value of rights – and Ola and Kari here at home have to pay a little extra for it. This is the case in most markets. This is big business, says James.

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